Madibeng needs to attract more business

The Local Municipality of Madibeng need to find a way to attract more businesses.  The municipality is located in the Bojanala Platinum District Municipality in the North West Province between the majestic Magaliesberg mountains.

There used to be many businesses such as Alfa company, Madibeng needs to pull up their socks.  If this municipality want to change and become the good  municipality, employees need to understand their roles. Every business need to have a risk assessment, is the government doing enough to deal with the unlawful occupants including the illegal dwellers?  People must not take advantage of the situation that they can take whatever they want. They must respect other peoples properties, this will prevent more businesses from running away.  Creating more facilities will simply add more business and develop more skillful young enterprenuers in Madibeng.

Supporting the SMME’s for young enterpreneurship like the one in Letlhabile which is in progress would help develop a new and better municipality.  Madibeng also need businesses such as fibre network satellite offices and telecommunications. This area is resourceful of natural beauty and encompass Rooikoppies, Hartbeespoort, Vaalkop and Klipvoordam.  The municipality is demarcated into 41 wards, there are approximately 42 villages and 9000 farms areas around Hartbeespoort dam, De Kroon, Mamogalieskraal and Sonop. Businesses are relocating else where due to lack of business stability, population composition as it stands.  Madibeng has about 537 515 people living in the area compared to the 2011 population standing at 477 381 with the population growth of -3.2%.

The distribution by age groups according to the 2016 survey, children aged 0-18 is 190 671, Youth from aged 19-34 are standing at  154 189, Adults aged 35-64 are 167 142 and the elderly 65+ are 25 515.  It is clear that Madibeng has too many people of which this results into an employment crises, and a very large crime rate. The stakeholder analysis, its a municipality with five (5) traditional councils, nine (9) police stations, one (1) home affairs, two (2) magistrates courts, three (3) SASSA, twenty four (24) clinics, five (5) mobile clinics, 143 schools, one FET Orbit and one (1) district hospital.  Pat Cornic have just parted ways with Madibeng to find a new nest somewhere, else.