Brits Hospital continued to make a positive contribution to Madibeng Community during the National Nutrition Week

Brits District Hospital’s dietics department officials went all out during the National Nutrition Week, 10 – 15 October 2016 to create awareness to the public about the nutritional benefits of eating beans and soya regularly.


“Throughout the week, we did health talks every morning at the Out-Patient Department (OPD). While giving health talks, our focus was on this year’s theme – “Love your beans – eat dry beans, peas and lentils,” said the Dietics Department’s Supervisor Marline Palm

She also said that they had developed educational materials like pamphlets and posters for the patients and visitors, which was aimed at educating the public about the health benefits of pulses, soya and legumes and how they could be included in their everyday diet. “During our health talks we also gave out uncooked beans with different recipes. After each health talk we prepared a delicious ‘Banana & Bean Salad’ that we gave to visitors to taste and many enjoyed it including children,” Palm said. The team also used both Letlhabile Community Radio and Madibeng FM respectively to drive the message home.