100 days program in progress

The purpose of the Sector Departments meeting is to do things the correct way in Madibeng according to the executive mayor, Jostina Mothibe.  Inviting government sector departments clearly means that the government want to deal decisively  with issues in one form.

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The mayor explained the purpose of Setsokotsane and said is to strengthen the working committee within the municipality.  “The reason the Premier of North West initiated the 5th administration, he wanted that in the years to come, the 3 points be addressed.” “The premier had passion and visions in what he was doing.  That is why he saw a need to initiate such dynamic programs to the community in the North West Province.” “We need to make sure that we close the gab as the current administrators.  This means that no projects and programs must be done without the ward councillors knowledge.  Establishing the Chamber of Commerce in Madibeng is a great achievement but we want such programs to run first in our municipality to show consistency.”

“We welcome the North West Provincial Administration for calling on all business fraternity to participate in establishing of the Chambers of Commerce programme in all the Villages, Townships and  Small Dorpies.” “The VTSD Chamber of Commerce programme is amongst strategies of the 5th Administration aimed at addressing the triple challenges of poverty, unemployment and inequality within Bokone Bophirima Province,” said the mayor. MMC for Community Development, Cllr. Mary Tlhopane is assigned by the mayor to be part of the program.  The municipality will also liaise with stakeholders when it is necessary, this will mean that department officials will intervene without interfering with the works of the stakeholders. “We will make sure that before the end of the year, the progress in Setsokotsane is seen by all.  We have engaged in a “donate a shoe program”.  Together with Diarora, we need to partner with the Department of Correctional Services and identifies schools together to donate shoes.”

“In terms of the EPWP’s at schools we will lobby it and speak with the MEC.  We also want to find out why other departments such as Traffic, SAPS, Health, Justice and Home Affairs did not come to the session,” said the mayor. A number of complains were raised by the community regarding the operations of the Traffic department, Justice and Home Affairs.  These among others is the unlawful traffic officers who allows vehicles which are unlawful unpunished. Drivers who drives under the influence of alcohol and drugs and those who drives without proper driving documentations to be on the road.  It is questionable why such departments did not arrive at the session because of the systems used while on duty.

The Department of Justice is responsible for making sure that suspects who are arrested by the police are investigated properly, charged for the crimes they committed and sentenced to prison accordingly. Madibeng have experienced in the past a number of community members killing each other through mob justice system as a result of uncertainties they had with the Department of Justice with regards to releasing alleged criminals.

The community members in Madibeng have a concern with the Department of Justice saying that it is not doing enough to deal with criminals.  What matters the most is saying alleged criminals walking scott free after they were arrested for crimes they allegedly committed.  The two departments; Justice and SAPS are responsible for making sure that criminals are arrested and receives the deserved punishment. The Department of Home Affairs arrived at the Mayor’s Parlor on the 19th of October 2016, but decided not to present their report to the municipality.  The representative absconded without saying anything to anybody. It is alleged that the Department of Home Affairs is known by many for having representatives who deals with fraud and corruption.  The department needs to close the gab and make the minister, Melusi Gigaba proud by awarding documentations fairly to the population.

They need to be part of the saamtrek and saamwerking especially in the local level of Madibeng.  Madibeng has only one Home Affairs and it is very difficult to deal with the growing population of 537 515. Every moment you would visit the Home Affairs, it is advisable to have a lunch box which will last you for the whole day.  The queues are very long, the area is too small, why not create another stations to do registrations if there are people looking for jobs? The answers to all the questions would have been answered during the presentation in Madibeng.