‘Boko Haram military’ uprising in Oukasie

#Fearfokol was established  created the most dangerous faction called the ‘Boko Haram military wing,’ the military wing became known to areas such as Mothutlung, Damonsville and Oukasie.  This is a fact is not a fiction.

A group of Luo men express their anger at the burning houses around them. Kikuyus set fire to a house in the Nairboi slum of Soweto Kibera and attacked people from other tribes with machetes, prompting an entire community to evacuate. January 29, 2008


Boko Haram’ had people from the above-mentioned areas joining in to destroy the community.  The 2009 Boko Haram uprising was a conflict between ‘Boko Haram,’ a militant Islamist group, and Nigerian security forces.

These factional groups are destroying the entire municipality by delaying services to the community and promoting the tender rigging processes.  Why do the community allow such destruction to disrupt the process in Madibeng?

We now know that the ‘Boko Haram’ is the military wing of the #Fearfokol.  This is worse than the ANC itself, remember in the olden days the ANC used to be the military wing.  The real Boko Haram was launched on December 16, the same day as the Afrikaners defeated the Zulus at the Battle of the Blood River 100 years earlier, not long after the massacre in Sharpeville of 69 unarmed protesters by the security police. With no military training himself, and in hiding from the government, Mr. Mandela travelled abroad where he was offered financial and practical help by countries including Ethiopia and Algeria. Mr Mandela was adamant that MK, as the armed unit was called, would not kill people but its tactics would be aimed at sabotage. In his own words, the aim was to “hit back by all means within our power in defence of our people, our future and our freedom”.

So what is happening today is contrary to what the icon was saying.  These ‘Boko Haram’ and the #Fearfokol are powerful that no one could stand in front of them.  They can kill anyone for money, give them money the rest will follow. They settle for anything for as long as the person stands in their way.  They are promised money, work and a better life for only if they agree to kill.  They kill people, they burn buildings such as houses, shops & taverns, they also are responsible in the burning of a number of clinics and community halls.

The community members are scared of these factional groups, no one is willing to challenge them.  They interfere with employment in the communities, construction companies appointed in communities, tender processes in the municipality and the appointment of senior positions in Madibeng. This is what happens when our municipality turns ignorant and a blind eye on issues evolving the community.  These factional group establishments were done during the election campaigns hoping that after the elections they will disband. Should the people allows such disgruntled group to emerge and terrorises the community?  Are they supposed to keep quite when things are not going accordingly?  They make decisions that are affecting members of the public.

They need to be called to order and taught a lesson.  SANCO should also take note of the situations and intervene.  These are deliberately destroying the image of the municipality and therefore putting our municipality in disrepute.  These groups are still in existence even if the elections are over, the worrying factor is that they are terriorising members of the community, forcing them to do the unlawful things.  They uses pangas and machetes to kill people, they use petrol bombs to burn taverns and houses. These groups are private and they are not known by the community, is like, there is a leader who controls everything.  If someone is to be eliminated, the leader will appoint someone from the group to organise a number of people to kill the perpetrator. If the killers got arrested there is someone in the police station who ranked a captain whose duty is to destroys evidence so that the killers can go free.

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    Madibeng times if you have such valued info you should inform the saps about it otherwise you will be aiding and abiding a terrorist group.

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