Monthly Archives: October 2016

Two men accused of murder and rape

Two men have been arrested and charged with allegedly two counts of murder and sexually assaulting a girlfriend before killing her in what investigators say was a planned attack.

According to the information in court, for the killers 25 year old and a 30 year old men who are not known to us, both face two counts of murder and four counts of rape. They are being denied bail based on their previous records. The victims were both forced into a car as she was walking through a parking lot at night.  The matter was postponed to the 23 November due to insufficient information.

Two suspects appeared in court for murder

Bongi Moyo and Mpho Modumo were arrested in connection with the murder of two men supposingly living in the same area.  They appeared in the Brits Magistrates Court and will soon re-appear for further investigations.

They are facing charges of murder and possession of stolen property.  According to the evidence in court, the suspects were arrested over the weekend after they were found in possession of the victim’s cellphones. Diane Kola and Amos Kwai were found brutally killed in the bushes in Schoemansville near Brits.  The partially decomposed bodies of the two friends were discovered a week later after the incident according to forensic.

The bodies were found by a passerby who was on his way to work a week later. Preliminary investigations have revealed that the two suspects were stabbed several times in the chest, both of them sustained multiple stab wounds throughout their bodies. The two suspects were released on a bail of about R1000 each with conditions that they must not leave the area until the end of court case.  The matter was postponed to the 23rd of November 2016.

3 men arrested for the murder of 54 year old man

suspects were all taken into custody during simultaneous raids and charged with the crimes.  The suspects have since 21 April 2016 in custody for the murder of 54 year old man.  The incident happened in Kgalamtwana informal settlement near Lonmin mine. In around April 2016, the Police were called to an informal settlement called Kgalamtwana where they found the body of an African male age 54, dead of a single gunshot wound to the head. The home had been robbed.

After the investigation that followed, detectives were able to coordinate with officers from the nearby police station, to secure search warrants and execute the simultaneous raids, which netted the three suspects. The three men have been charged with murder and denied bail by the Brits Magistrates Court, they remain in custody for the next court hearing which will be in November 24.