Traditional Council and Tribal Council must first be established

The Provincial Government has not done anything to stop the battle between the royal families and the communities.  The Bakwena Ba Mogopa traditional council in Bethanie is still standing empty.


This is the reason why they failed to overlook the procurements and the appointments of tribal officials of which today they are the ones delaying service delivery processes and not run efficiently.  This would have contributed a lot in making sure that the problem of expenditure is avoided. The community needs food security, all the tribal lands given back to the community.  What is the plan to make this land profiting?  New information reveals that the person imposed himself as the lawyer and the Chiefs’ spokesperson in Bapong has a fake identity. You must understand that the two families (Bapo Ba Mogale and Bakwena Ba Mogopa) are related at some points and therefore they are facing more similar problems whereby the royal family fights over who should be the king, while the community are blinded by the infighting, some members of the family together with the community members award themselves with money from the trust accounts.

It is evident that someone from government has also a finger in the pie.  Remember, we are talking about hundreds of millions of rands missing and of course mismanaged that were supposed to assist in the fight against service delivery. A recent story reveals that a man came to Bapong and imposed himself as a lawyer, as the Chief’s spokesperson and his right hand man for Bapo Ba Mogale tribal council.  Where was the Traditional Affairs when all these things were happening? Of course the family supported all these because they knew that they will financially benefit out of this unwanted appointments.  What about the community who suffers alot on a daily basis?  Today, people are using political systems to run the tribal authority. We are seeing Borangwane and Borakgadi trying to make decisions for the chief, decisions that affects the entire community.  What are the roles and responsibilities of the 60% owned by the royal family and the 40% owned by the community? It is so difficult to understand the roles of the 40% and the 60%.  The investigations should point the direction towards the following departments; the special purpose vehicle in particular, The Bagopa Holdings as a service provider, the Bakwena  Ba Mogopa Community Trust, Bakwena Platinum Trust, Bagopa Trust, Bagopa Procurement, Bagopa Property, Bagopa Agriculture and mostly the North West MEC for Culture, Arts and Traditional Affairs.

The following people should also be investigated for having their fingers in the pie.  Former North West Premiers, Edna Molewa and Thandi Modise together with their MEC’s China Dodovu as one of those MEC’s in particular.   They were supposed to check the points and prevented all the stealings from happening.  They should have made sure that the correct people are hired for specific positions.  And those people must deliver according to their appointments. Undoubtedly so, they failed to overlook the procurements and the appointments of tribal officials.  This is some sort of a joke of destiny, it is evident that someone from government has also a finger in the pie.   Remember, we are talking about hundreds of millions of rands missing and mismanaged by the incompetent officials who failed to take accountability at all costs.  They stole the money which were supposed to assist in the fight against service delivery. You must understand that the two families (Bapo Ba Mogale and Bakwena Ba Mogopa) are related at some point and therefore they are facing more similar problems whereby royal family fights over who should be the king.

During apartheid, white supremacy never thought that black people can maintain their own funds and establish an account where all the monies will be kept.  The money was kept in the government’ coffers in a trust account, therefore the government was in charge of the account.  The first to run the cooperate is Bafokeng, they were receiving the royalties of about R18 million in 2010.  The Bakwena Ba Mogopa’s D-account have four versions and they are Bethanie, Hebron, Jericho and Paksdraai. You must remember that the problem regarding the D-account in Bakwena Ba Mogopa is how the money was spent and by who specific.  At the moment, no one has the solid answers as to what happened to the money estimated to above R350 million. We have just indicated earlier on that there are four versions in the D-account for the Bakwena. Each account has its own treasury department, Bethanie treasurer is Moses Molelekoa, Hebron treasurer is Fransjan Phaloane, Jericho Frans Dikobe who is seconded by the government as the treasurer and Gideon Tshwagong as the treasurer in Paksdraai. The system is straight forward, before the money is withdrawn from the account, there are procedures and measures to that effect.  A requisition is required stipulating why the money is needed as well as the supporting documentations from the service providers who will be rendering services. 50+ members must agree in the withdrawal of the funds, the chief is the last person to sign for the money.  Therefore the local branch of the traditional affairs in Madibeng will conclude the proceeding by looking into all the relevant aspects of the request before issuing a cheque.

Below a R100 000 withdrawal is done by the local branch and above by the head office in Mahikeng.  It is so interesting, the only way to find out who stole the money before pointing out fingers is by observing the entire process from top to bottom. Desia Manne is the signatory in Madibeng, the person also is one of those with concrete answers of what happened to the money.  In the case of why people have not received money for the period of six months. A source close to the family indicated that the money was definitely withdrawn following the proper procedure.  Now in terms of payments, the tribal council receives stipend of about R350-00 from government, only workers appointed for certain projects receives salaries. It is without a doubt that the 40% and the 60% are playing a game with the community knowing for a fact who stole or misuse the funds.  It is alleged that the man by the name of Chauke had a personal interest in the D-account. Bakwena have what we call Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV), the SPV comprises of the Bakwena Ba Mogopa Community Trust for Rhovan mine under Glenco, receives 26% on behalf of the community.  It has its own bank account, 2015, there was  no dividends in the Rhovan mine. Bakwena Platinum Trust under Bamogopa Platinum Investment, the special vehicle to hold shares in Afplats mine partnering with Implats mine, receiving 26% as well.  Bakwena has more than 100 000 hectars in total, the land to be used to generate income and sustain the Bakwena community members. Bakwena also have the Bagopa Procurement which has two directors, Motheo Mamogale and Steven Phaladi.  There is also Bagopa Property and Bagopa Agriculture.  This is what the Dcata has to say regarding the D-account.  On Friday, 29 July 2016, the North West Provincial Government clarified the D-account matter The Provincial Government has noted media reports on investigations relating to the D-account and has observed glaring limitations and information gaps on work done by North West Provincial Government at least since May 2014.  The Provincial Government advises that any money spent by Traditional Councils would be in accordance with the estimates submitted by the same Traditional Councils. There are procedures for funds to be spent which include that expenditure be authorized by the Traditional Council to the Provincial Administration. Government will therefore cooperate with the investigation to assess compliance with these procedures.

In an effort to broaden transparency and accountability on matters like this, the Provincial Government is working on an auditing framework for Traditional Councils which will ensure that audits are embarked upon that would accord government  the necessary legislative authority to unravel any misuse of funds and take corrective action, which includes bringing culprits to book. It remains the understanding of the Provincial Government that through cooperating with the Public Protector we will ensure that culprits are brought to book. The Provincial Government welcomes the Public Protector on matters relating to Bapo Ba Mogale and it is in this spirit that when she requested information the Provincial Government was ready to cooperate with her as it did a lot of work in gathering information relating to the D-account. A delegation of the Provincial Government led by the MEC for Culture, Arts & Traditional Affairs(CATA) with a strong team of Heads of Department from CATA and Finance met with her on Tuesday 26 July 2016 and shared information she required on the D-account. The Provincial Government remains committed to ensuring continued cooperation with the Public Protector until this matter is concluded.

It is government’s view that in instances where it is found that people misuse government money that would be brought to book. It is government’s view that we would work jointly to ensure that information is provided on matters of Bapong.  Engagements between The Public Protector and the community was to communicate progress to date and how government would have worked with the Public Protector to ensure the matter is concluded. We maintain our commitment to the Public Protector that Government will not institute a parallel inquiry into the D-account but will cooperate with her office’s investigation into the account.  It is unfair to castigate the fifth administration’s efforts to resolve the D-account matter only two years into the 5th administration’s term of office when the matter has dragged-on for the last 21 years.

The 40% held a community meeting on the 20th of August 2016.  According to a source close to the family, the meeting was organised by Lawrence Mashigo who is a leader of the community.  The purpose of the meeting was to remove Motheo as the Chief and to find an alternative Chief. Periodically, if Motheo is removed his younger brother will succeed the chieftainship, if not, the  uncle known as Rangwane Poe, if not his son will succeed the chieftainship.  If this does not work, Dinatsotlhe Charle Mamogale, the younger brother to Poe Mamogale.   Dinatsotlhe has two sons and they also are on the line to become the chief of Maboloka.  During the meeting a resolution was made that Motheo must leave.  It was revealed after a number of evidence were produced by Mashigo and other members of the community. The information point out that Motheo misused the funds of Bakwena by signing the requisition for the withdrawal of R5 million ever month.  This can also make an impact in the disappearing of more than R350 million.

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