The IEC refuses to pay workers

Just a few weeks after the 2016 local elections, the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) in Madibeng turned a blind eye and refuses to remunerate the employees as per agreement.  Workers now need to know why the IEC does not want to pay them for the work they did.


Rome was never build in one day, but in the IEC Rome takes forever to complete.  It seems the IEC in Madibeng will never learn and rectify their mistakes in Madibeng.  Previously, the IEC were rated out of 10 points 4 disappointing points based on the performance they made during elections. The results came after a number of allegations were indicated that lead to the performance of the IEC. It is alleged that some members of the community were called to come and sign contracts stipulating that they will earn R1400 after the work, little did they know that they will receive half of the money, what happened to the remains of the money?

According to the information, before the elections, the community members took time out in their busy schedules to go to the IEC to apply for taking part in the 2016 local elections.  Some of them their applications were turned down while others were accepted. Those whose applications were accepted went for intense training in the cold winter days around June 2016.  This to others seemed to be a wasteful exercise as they were no longer recognised as employees of the IEC.These people even worked on special votes, some members were called to come and sign contracts stating that they will be compensated R1400 for their work.  They were also promised that they will receive money for taking part in the special votes and trainings but never received any. “We are surprised now because our payments are delayed and nobody is telling us what is going on.  They keep on saying wait until Sunday maybe the money will reflect in your accounts.  Some of the members have just received half of the money they agreed upon.” “What happened to the rest of the money?  Did someone from IEC take the money?  The system has changed compared to the 2014 elections.  The 2014 volunteers got their money without any hustles.”

“They got their money in one week and their money was not divided.  This years elections have brought shame in the eyes of the community,” said one of the complaints.  This follows a recent incident about Madibeng IEC where elected members were refused to sign a contract because they complained about the system used by the IEC. The IEC in Madibeng need a serious evaluation, they need to be checked especially on issues of employment.  It is alleged that they employ their own favourite people and they only prioritised their friends.

The allegations further indicates that those who have received their salaries in full and got paid on time are their friends.  Those with no means will have to wait forever to receive their own money.  Some says the IEC in Madibeng will destroy you when you try to speak for yourself. They say the moment they realise that you are onto them and try to expose their awful doings, they eliminate you, make you sign a formal statement admitting that you have exposed them and send you home to starve. The most important thing is that they must pay the people who worked during the elections their money in full on time and stop favouring when employing people for the next coming elections.  The IEC was unavailable at the time of printing.