Social Media not so Social?

There is a lot of unethical going around that social media is not so social anymore.  Social media is taking over our private sphere, people today commit suicide because of what is posted on social media. A recent incident happened in Hebron when a teenager Mpho Kalate (19) is suing her mother for posting embarrassing pictured on her social media.  The 19-year-old from Hebron near Brits claims the snaps, which include having her bathing when she was a baby, amount to invasion of privacy.

The matter was regarded by the magistrate as a serious offence and amount to invasion of privacy and therefore remanded the case to 27 October 2016, for further investigation.  Serious crimes linked to social media including murder, blackmail and paedophilia are now being reported to police at a rate of one every 45 minutes. It has revealed that a 149 per cent rise in offences involving Facebook and Twitter since 2010.  One of the most shocking cases was the murder of a young girl, 17, by serial sex offender after the friend groomed her on Facebook.

Sex crimes involving social networking sites have more than quadrupled in the past five years from 354 in 2010 to 1,549 in 2014, our research shows.