Mmakau clinic also called Hoekfontein clinic concerns

Mmakau community members are complaining about the health status in the clinic and say that the place is not hygienic and it has poor services.

Recently the provincial department of health is considering extending the operating hours of a number of public health institutions to help them cope with the high volumes of people seeking treatment. The announcement was made after a number of complains were posed to the department of health regarding the clinics operate for about 7 to 12 hours daily.  Clinic’s must also be monitored not to pose danger to the patients and people around them. All the clinics should be neat, healthy and well-organised at all times to accommodate people.  According to the anonymous.  “Government must start taking Mmakau village serious and prioritise the health conditions of the sick people in this place.”  “We need help and want our government to listen to us and hear our cries. Yesterday I took my daughter for a usual scale taken every month to the clinic.  I was shocked by what I have just noticed, we were told to be seated next to elderly sick people.” 

“Imagine my daughter is 10 months old and had to sit with people vomiting, coughing and spitting everywhere in the area, where is the clinics moral?  We sit with elderly people the whole day waiting forever for services which are not in good course.  I am worried that the people here are given less preferences by our government and many have so much illnesses that some of their illnesses we don’t know.  My point is, we sit with them and we are scared that if the condition is not improved, we will contaminate more illnesses from the environment itself.” “We really need help and we want great services because we are humans and participated fully during elections.  The clinic is also running short of medications especially cough medicine,” concluded the concerned parent.