Dinaletsane Youth Organisation celebrate heritage

The celebration took place at Dinaletsane community hall on the 24 September 2016, community members came out in numbers to support and witness the performances done by the youth from Dinaletsane Youth Organisation. 


The event was graced by dignified people such as the Headman Tlhoaele, Mr. G. Boikanyo, Mr. C. Morake, Ms. R Nxumalo who also provided with food and among others Khumo Morake. The group was established around April 2016, and their first performance was on the 18 June. The organisation have no potential sponsors, but is at the moment negotiating with companies such as DEI Projects and Aphamo Boerdery for sponsorship.  According to the founder member, Refilwe Tlhoaele, Aphamo Boerdery sponsored with 28 t-shirts for the event and DEI Projects donated money equivalent to all monies collected on the day. “The challenges we are facing as the group is less support from the parents as they complain that their kids arrive home late due to our training sessions.  Yes, at some point we used to send kids home late because we were preparing for the event such as this one.”

“We would like to apologise for the inconvenient and promise to find a way not to upset our parents.  The reason I started this group is that I have seen so much talent at Dinaletsane village and say to myself that this cannot go to waist,” she said. The group leader also added that in Dinaletsane village, there is a lot of animal theft done by the youth who have nothing to do.  “I thought that in order for me to reduce theft and drug abuse in the village, I should have an arts and culture group.” “My biggest dream is to see this youth performing in theatres such as the State Theatre and even producing quality actors and actresses, musicians and poets just to name the few.  We have activities such as Traditional dance, gumboots, poetry, drama and singing in our list of items,” said Refilwe.

She also added that Heritage to her means knowing who you are and have a true identity of where you come from.  “You must stay grounded and respect elderly people,” she acclaimed.  Molebatsi Aphane, owner of DEI Projects and Aphamo Boerdery said that both companies will also look at the future sponsors for the group.