DA fails in Madibeng?

The Democratic Alliance (DA) has accumulated 16 seats in Madibeng, ahead of the poor results they made in 2011.  Their hopes were much higher thinking that it was going to be an easy road in the 2016 local elections.


The DA thought that they have already won the elections before the people would have voted.  Are they still hiding under the apartheid supremacy and pretend to provide what the population requires?  What have they done so far after the elections especially to the poor communities? In 2011, the DA got 19.60% which secured  them 14 seats and 2016, they got 19.62 adding only 2 seats in the council of Madibeng.  To the community of Madibeng, it is a total failure by the DA, the DA has lost dismally to the ANC.

Why did the DA fail to take over the Local Municipality of Madibeng?  Few reasons can elaborate how they failed in Madibeng.  The party did not mobilise enough during election campaigns. Party members were too proud to beg for the community to vote for them.  They did not participate in the township’ activities where too much of the majority resides.  The DA is a political party which is meant for the people, therefore in order for them to survive and have power in Madibeng they need the community’ full support. It is alleged that some members of the DA are isolating themselves from other people and do not want to engage with others in arts and culture activities in the townships and the villages in Madibeng, what did leave us the impression of a half hearted campaign rural Madibeng.  Madibeng Times did meet with Leon Basson and asked him some few question.  Can someone likeBasson, a DA Member of Parliament, tell us why the DA failed in Madibeng?  If he cannot explain, who else can solve this problem and explain why the DA is battling to turn Madibeng into a better municipality? 

We have people like Eddie Barlow who stood up for the position of the mayor in Madibeng, what is he saying about all these failures?  What the DA need is to support the community so that they can get support of the community in Madibeng. Engaging with the community members in Madibeng is a way to go and it comes in many ways and with good perks.  Did the DA like the rest of the political parties in the country ran in that fashion of mobilising people to vote for them?  One of the meaningful ways to communicate with the community is through community rallies. Or perhaps the party can use the independent media (AIP) to easily send the messages to the people through newspapers or radio stations.  Did the DA follow that root to have more support of the people?  “I did all my best to try and bring the ANC down,” this is what we hear from senior members of the DA.

What is more important for the DA?  Is it to dethrone the ANC or provide what the community requires?  One would say both is suitable, but I would say they need to speak to the community, Basson went on a live radio interview with 702 and the EFF challenging the ruling party. Was it enough for them to only participate fully on one radio station?  The important thing is that what relationship are they having with the community of Madibeng?  Did they have radio interviews in the local radio stations in Madibeng? The DA need to support the rural culture of this society, they must start participating in all cultural activities in the country.  Madibeng has poor results in the youth programs for arts and culture.  The DA must use the 16 seats they have to boost the youth of Madibeng with such programs.

Have the DA ever supported any black market or any type of programs done in the townships or the villages?  Is it true that their only focus is on the suburbs where rich people stays?  If that is the case, the 16 seats are from suburbs not villages and townships. So how are they planning to take over the municipality if they fail to engage with the poor of the poorest in the municipality?  They should start refraining from isolating themselves and adapt with the ways and means of the rest of the community, they should learn to live with the rest of them. The only advert we saw was in the Caxton Group of newspapers notoriously Afrikaans readership and non in the independent publications notoriously community driven socialist news.