Letlhogonolo Nthontho and Dibaba Arrested for attempted Murder

On Saturday  afternoon a group of men headed by Mr Letlhogonolo Nthontho met at the soccer field to clarify dispute with machete and pangas attacked and intimidated .

6 People were reported injured in the clash . They were hospitalized.  Today 27/09/2016  Mr Letlhogonolo Nthontho and Dibaba and will appear in court on the 28/09/2016

The community marched to the Royal Palace in an effort to demand that the Chief’s spokesperson and also the man who imposed himself as the royal family lawyer, Letlhogonolo Nthontho must be removed from the Traditional Affairs.

The information indicates that Letlhogonolo Nthontho came at the royal family in Bapo Ba Mogopa and imposed himself as the lawyer so that he can sign in the dealings of the royal family.  The allegations further indicates that for him being the lawyer can have a bigger finger in the pie. Indeed Nthontho caught bigger fish and made good signings and good dealings with the mines surrounding Bapong.  He did not only impose himself as the lawyer but went on saying he is the spokesperson and will represent the royal family. Tthe family supported the appointment of Nthontho because they knew that they will financially benefit out of this unwanted appointments by betraying the community whom they say they are illiterate and cannot count figures.   What about the community who suffers a lot on a daily basis?  Political system influences negatively in the running of the tribal authority.  If the new MEC, Tebogo Modise does not lead the investigation process, Modise will end up also being held accountable for the infighting of the chieftainships in Madibeng.

A recent information point out that Nthontho faked his identity and originally he is not from South Africa, he is from Lesotho.  Is Nthontho not the leader the community should rely on?  He imposed himself, he lied to the community, he faked his identity and of course he was  allegedly accused of stealing money and owning companies using the influence from the royal family. The community of about 200 people marched to the royal palace in a quest to demand that Nthontho to be removed from the tribal council and investigations continue.  It seems like no one is taking any actions regarding the removal of Nthontho in Bapo Ba Mogopa. 22 September 2016, this clearly indicates how our government is so ignorant in some of the issues related to the traditional and tribal councils.  The following is the statement made by the office of the North West Premier regarding leadership dispute in Bakwena Baphlane ba Ramokoka;  Setting the record straight on Baphalane ba Ramokoka dispute.  The Office Of the Premier would like to respond to an article on the Mail & Guardian dated 16 September 2016 (P16) which states that Premier SOR Mahumapelo has been sitting on a report into the leadership dispute since last year regarding the Bakwena Baphalane ba Ramokoka.

This is incorrect and the Office Of the Premier would like to set the record straight as follows:  The fifth administration received a report on the resolution of a dispute related to a traditional battle on Bakwena ba Phalane ba Ramokoka from the fourth administration. The Mafereka Commission was established by the fourth administration working with the National Departmant of COGTA.  We would like to place it on record that the report is not on the Premier’s table as it was referred to the National Department of COGTA. Why is our government not taking note of all these traditional and tribal councils in the North West Province? The government should also give them platform in council to view their problems so that they can avoid misusing the money from the D-account. South African government should be like the United Kingdom where you find the House of the Lord in control of things. The House of Lords is the second chamber of the UK Parliament. It works with the House of Commons to;

It make laws, check and challenges the actions of the government and provides a forum of independent experties.  The house of Lords Chamber spends about 60% of its time on legislation; the other 40% is spent on scrutiny, questioning government and debating issues and policy.  Committee work takes place outside the Chamber.

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  1. Anonymous

    We have a letter from minister Des Van Rooyen saying that tthe Mafereka report was given to the premier’s office on 30th October 2016

  2. Anonymous

    The is evidence that MAFEREKA commission is sitting with SUPRA MAHUMAPELO but because supra and his cronies are looting baphalane resources and the platinum belt,that’s the reason he’s destabilising the BAPHALANE chieftainships.

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