Accident at Hendrik Verwoerd Street

Police and the EMS closed the intersection on Brits CBD between Hendrik Verwoerd and Van Velden streets for an investigation on the accident on Wednesday.  The accident happened on the 22 September 2016, when two motor vehicles collided within each other leaving behind one passenger with minor injuries.


The eye witnesses confirmed that it could be that the driver of the Opel Astra who was coming from the opposite direction trying to turn towards Van Velden street collided head on with the Nissan Hardbody having government registration number. The accident happened at the robot intersection at cnr Hendrik Verwoerd and Van Velden streets.  This intersection is commonly known causing accidents weekly due to an increasing volume of motorists traveling.

Some of the incidents you would find that the driver was not cautious when approaching the intersection and therefore result into fatal accident.  Drivers should apply all the basic rules that they were  taught from driving schools that they must be vigilante and look to all the sights before approaching the intersection.

It is very important that everytime a driver approaches the intersection all involved must pay attention to the road.