Two people Died in a Car Crash



Two people Died in a Car Crash…….

Two people were reported dead after being involved in a car accident which happened
in the morning of Saturday, the 20th of August 2016. The accident occurred just after the
intersection towards Brits District Hospital at Hendrik Verwoerd Avenue. The police are
investigating two counts of culpable homicide. According to the bystanders, the light motor
vehicle came speeding from the opposite direction just after crossing over the robots at
the intersection and suddenly the driver lost control of the vehicle and drove over the person
who was riding the ‘help me dry’ motor bicycle. The car dragged the motor vehicle with its
driver outside the road until it found one of the pedestrians standing opposite the road and
hit the pedestrian against the wall. The car was then stopped by the solid wall with the
rider of the motor bicycle underneath and the pedestrian pressed against the wall.