Illegal settlement removed from private property

About 100 shacks were removed on Monday morning, 15 August, close to Wagpos
High School. Angry residents threw rocks and petrol bombs at the Red Ants and
threatened to burn the school down when their houses were torn down. Some of the
residents demolished their own homes themselves.

“The Red Ants damage the steel and timber when they demolish our homes. The building
material is expensive and we cannot afford having to buy it over and over again. So we decided to demolish our homes ourselves,” said a resident who close to tears. According to Stefan Pieterse, spokesperson for AfriSake, the organization together with three other participants, a court order was issued by the High Court in Pretoria on June 29 stating that the shacks were to be removed. He said that the huts that were on the one side of the border fence, were not demolished, because the owner of that land was not part of the application.

“We only removed the empty shacks on the one side of the fence.” The structures on the land were apparently built only a month ago. According to Pieterse all the residents received notice to the effect that the structures were to be demolished. “In the last two months the Sheriff visited the area twice. People got the notice informing them that they were not allowed to stay there.

They however ignored it and went ahead with the building of the structures.” Mpeile Talane, police spokesperson in North West, said that some of the residents tried to stop the process by throwing petrol bombs and rocks. Some of them tried to block the roads. “We were there to make sure that the eviction went as smoothly as possible,” said Talane. Thank you to the Municipality for removing the illegal settlement and upholding the rule of law and respecting private property.