Hundreds of Millions go Missing, “Ga re itsi”

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Information relating to the D account.

A delegation of the Provincial Government led by the MEC for Culture ,Arts & Traditional Affairs(CATA) with a strong team of Heads of Department from CATA and Finance met with her on Tuesday 26 July 2016 and shared information she required on the D account. The Provincial Government remains committed to ensuring continued cooperation with the Public Protector until this matter is concluded.It is government view that in instances where it is found that people misuse government money that they would be brought to book. It is government’s view
that we would work jointly to ensure that information is provided on matters of Bapong. Engagements between The Public Protector and the community was to communicate progress to date and how government would have worked with the Public Protector to ensure the matter is concluded. We maintain our commitment to the Public Protector that Government will not institute

“a parallel inquiry into the D-account but will cooperate” .”with her office’s investigation into the account. It is unfair to castigate the fifth administration’s efforts to resolve the D account matter only two years into the” “5th administration’s term of office when the matter has dragged-on for the last 21 years.” “The 40% held a community meeting on the” “20th of August 2016. According to a source close to the family, the meeting was organised by Lawrence Mashigo who is a leader of the community. The purpose of the meeting was to remove Motheo as the Chief and to find an alternative Chief. Periodically,” “if Motheo is removed his younger brother will succeed the chieftainship, if not, the uncle known as Rangwane Poe, if not his son will succeed the chieftainship. If this does not work, Dinatsotlhe Charle Mamogale, the younger brother to Poe” “Mamogale.  Dinatsotlhe has two sons and they also are on the line to become the chief of Bakwena. During the meeting a resolution was made that Motheo must leave. It was revealed after evidence” “was produced by Mashigo and other members of the community. The information points out that Motheo misused the funds of Bakwena by signing the requisition”