FF Plus to form coalition and bring the ANC down?

The FF Plus believes it is time for a better new South Africa. The ‘New South Africa’
of 1994 has failed. The recipe for nation building in the past 20 years since 1994
has not worked. South Africans dreamed of a truly New South Africa which is to the
advantage of all its people.

The FF Plus in the previous elections had 921 wards and a total of 1 681 people voted in
its favour, making a total percentage of 0.8% and only one seat in the Local Municipality
of Madibeng were accumulated. FF Plus, Elna Lourens said that the party membership
in Madibeng is doing fine. According to the statistics, many community members including
those in black community areas in Madibeng believe that the party in particular has different
ideas towards building the better South Africa for all. Strategically, is the FF Plus using the same
system as the Democratic Alliance? Can the cooperation between the DA and FF+ succeed in
bringing down the ANC? They believe that the party is the direct opposite of the other political
parties, especially the Democratic Alliance (DA).
“Our aim is to help the people and not to promise them things that we cannot provide. We
have contributed a lot in the community outreach programs and we are also working closely with the Brits SAPS in terms of crime prevention.” “The South African youth are facing enormous challenges, such as unemployment, poverty and illiteracy. Unemployment in South Africa has reached a crisis level. The unemployment level in South Africa is at 24% with only 14 million South Africans currently employed. More than 70% of the unemployed are younger than 25 years old.” “Unemployment should therefore be actively addressed. No government can create jobs on a sustainable basis. That is why the FF Plus is convinced that unemployment can be overcome if the government’s policies change to create a favourable environment for job-creation and attract investment.”

“The ANC is responsible for delaying processes at the Brits Purification Plant because
politics is the author of the moment in the project. Crime remains a serious threat for
everyone. That is why the police service should be led and offered by professionally trained
members. It is to the detriment of South Africa and all its residents that top positions in this
service under the ANC regime are filled by political appointments from outside the Police.”
“It is destructive if it has to be accepted that young police members can never reach the
highest ranks, regardless of their capabilities. The FF Plus honours police members who
loyally and fearlessly fulfill their duties regardless of the poor circumstances and prospects.” “In
contrast, the party rejects the actions of police members (more likely deployed cadres) who
regard themselves as rulers and being above the law; who abuse their positions for personal gain, and whose actions are often accompanied by brutality. The party insists that the police service be allowed to serve and protect, without political interference and within proper disciplinary norms.

” “Ineffective policing leads to citizens having to pay for a basic governance themselves.
More and more private security services are established. The FF Plus insists that this private
funding of security should be tax-deductible.” “Violent crime with the use of illegal weapons
take place everyday and claim thousands of innocent victims annually. The FF Plus steadfastly
believes in the right of competent citizens to bear arms and in suitable instances, use it to protect their life and goods, accompanied with the duty of thorough training.” “Farm murders remain a crisis where the figures indicate that it is currently more dangerous being a farmer than a police officer. The FF Plus demands that there be a thorough
police plan and that farm murders be declared to be a priority crime.” “We work also with the social development and other government institutions.

The community must be made aware that the FF Plus’ intentions is to bring hope to the people of South Africa, in particular, the people of Madibeng,” said Lourens. Dr. Groenewald added that, “Firstly we will not make promises which cannot be fulfilled, we will however focus on the basic services of water, sanitation and infrastructure. Regarding illegal immigrants in Kameeldrift, those people must be removed and deported back to their country of origin.” “It is not fair towards South African citizens that jobs are illegally taken by immigrants. They also put pressure on resourcessuch as housing, health etc. which cost South African taxpayers a fortune. If they are removed crime will decrease,” said Dr. Groenewald. According to the FF Plus, the South Africa which came into being in 1994, has become stale, due to affirmative action, job-losses as a result of transformation, marginalisation of minorities, poor service delivery, poor management, incompetence, cadre deployment, nepotism, political appointments, lust for power, abuse of power, corruption, fraud, self-enrichment, cover-ups, incompetence, crime, farm murders, populism and ideological obsessiveness.
Every one in South Africa, apart from the ANC’s inner circle who has been disadvantaged
by it, wants a country without these features. The result of this and other experiences, with which Afrikaners and other minorities face, is that a call is being made to stand together for
a better dispensation – a dispensation which protects language and minority rights, maintains
Christian values and guarantees freedom and justice. The FF Plus manifesto explains its vision
of how this has to be achieved, to broaden and deepen the democracy upon which this freedom is built. Freedom can be described as the ability and right to make decisions and execute them. As with the majority of South Africans, freedom is also central to the political thought of the FF Plus. While the FF Plus recognises the individual, a community and the state, and where applicable wants to protect it, there is a vacuum in South Africa with regards to the claim of freedom to communities.
The FF Plus further said that the truth is that they have a very diverse country with different
languages, cultures, religions and historical views. But also with realities that over 360 years they have grown accustomed to being economically intertwined and being dependent on each other. People believe that in this large country there is and has to be a place for everyone. After the 2016, local elections, the FF+ form a partnership with the DA after receiving 2 seats in the Local Municipality of Madibeng.