EFF, FF+ and DA gunning for the ANC in Madibeng

The EFF, FF+ and DA made coalitions to bring the ANC down. This was revealed
on the 18 August 2016, during the First Madibeng Council Sitting. The DA , FF+,
EFF and other political parties voted against the ruling party.

It is true, your vote is your secret, but judging by how the 35 votes received by the DA for
the mayoral position were accumulated, it is clear that there was nothing secretive in this
instance. Opposition parties united in a bid to oust the ruling party. Who would have the guts
to side with the ANC after the communities of Madibeng complained bitterly about its failures?
Only one political party decided to swim against the tide and throw its weight behind the ruling
party. Since it was a secret ballot, you be the judge as to the identity of that party. The ruling
party got 46 votes for the mayoral position from their 45 seats they have and the question arose as EFF, FF+ and DA gunning for the ANC in Madibeng to which political party voted for
the ANC? We are not trying to prey and brew conflict but we all know that there are only two
political parties with one seat in the council.

The two political parties are Congress of the People (COPE) and the African Independent
Congress (AIC). Remember that COPE was not present for the voting process and the AIC
representative was very quiet. Let us try and recap how the seats were distributed in the Local
Municipality of Madibeng. This represents the results of elections from the 1st to the 3rd of
August 2016. The ANC received 45 seats, the DA was second with 16 seats, EFF 14 seats both
F4SD and FF+ obtained 2 seats each with both AIC and COPE each getting a seat. The COPE
representative was not present at the council meeting and FF+ made coalitions with the DA
to vote against the ANC. Only the AIC, ANC, DA, EFF and F4SD participated during the
Will this coalitions last for long and is this the only way to unseat the ANC? It seems that
the only way the ANC can be defeated is when fellow members turn against one another, lose
seats and support the opposition. We do not however, suggest that they adopt this route.
We have witnessed a lot of divisions within the ANC in the past years and these divisions
unfortunately often resulted in a number of deaths. This is the time for comrades to put their
differences aside and execute their mandate which is quality service delivery.