Due to the fact that the mayor of Tshwane has been changed, the people of Tshwane started looting in Attridgeville in Pretoria, the other communities started to attack the foreign businesses. In Mabopane, at least two people were killed while they were busy looting. It was traumatic for one of the community members of Mabopane who found a dead person in her yard early in the morning on 21 June 2016.

The excuse that the communities used is that Ms Didiza knows nothing about Tshwane, but she explained later that day on 21 June 2016 that she has been staying in Tshwane for the past 11 years. Ms Didiza pleaded with the people of Tshwane to cooperate with her for the next coming five years.


Later that day the looters broke into local businesses such as Shoprite Usave in Ga-Rankuwa Zone16 and Zone 6. the SAPS had to be in those businesses for at least two days but there were no reported dead people, but several people were injured because the cops were using rubber bullets on them. Some of the Indian community who own businesses were looted and at least three people in Ga-Rankua Zone 4 because the police did not arrive on time.


“As a community member I do not think that other community members understood what they were doing because some of them just broke into shops because they believe foreigners are taking their jobs,” said Candy Mashao in Ga-Rankuwa. One of the community members have been asked why she was looting, Dikeledi Moalusi said ‘ I took food at the shop because we did not have anything to eat at home, so we took the advantage to make something to eat at least a month to our family of seven can survive.’


The Looting in Ga-Rankuwa continued for three days. The community members who did not loot are struggling to purchase even basic food because Shoprite Usave has been closed as well as the foreign businesses.