The budget was presented on 31 May 2016, by Councillor and Honourable Jostina Mothibe at the ordinary council sitting of the Madibeng Local Municipality.

During her presentation, Mothibe remembered the African veterans since May is the African Month. She said, it was during this historic period that the people recall its most revered African orators and African leaders.

Speaking of stalwarts such as Kwane Nkurumah, Patrice Lubumba, Kenneth Kaunda, Kamuzu Banda, Samora Machel, Mahatma Ghandi, Nelson Mandela, Steve Biko and those Kings and Chiefs around, she commemorated their legacy and contribution to society.

The councillor further highlighted the 10 Campaign Plan initiated by the North-West Province, Premier Supra Mahumapelo and emphasised that the strongest weapon to fully liberate the community is to ensure full dignity restored to the people through innovative programs.

“In relation to point one, the Obesity Awareness Campaign, we need to actively engage our communities including ourselves in programmes intended to activate our minds so as to create active minded citizens,” she emphasised.

Moving forward, the Councillor Mothibe drew back and alluded that the Madibeng Local Municipality is different from the municipality of 2011 when the current collective of councillors were sworn in to serve its people.

“It has been a period dominated with great experience, some lessons to be learned, challenges that have made us strong and more formidable a force. But most importantly, it has been a period of consolidation towards building better communities,” shed added.

“We need to fight in creating our own identity as a municipality, an identity which must stand the test of time, doing so, following in the philosophy injected by the Premier of the North-West and Chairperson of the African National Congress Bokone Bophirima, Mahumapelo,” she said.

“We must speak about the good things we have done and our achievements, failing to do so, we strengthen adversaries who continue to preach that we have done nothing to change the plight of our own people,” Mothibe added.

She further said “we will not move forward if we start believing the propaganda that the ANC government has not achieved anything in 19 years or even in the past four years. These things need to be said because our municipality has paged an important chapter of mastering the art of legislative compliance in terms of municipal reporting as a requirement by National Treasury, finance accountability, and the art of good governance,” concluded Mothibe.