Mayisela redistributes land in his own right

Mayisela’s ‘Spazashop’ with rapid advancement it seems. Who is the shopkeeper because the customers are plenty? Selling pieces of non-demarcated land is illegal and so is squatting. Desperate people squatting on available piece of land is risky and does not make any sense as there will always be infrastructure problems.

The Local Municipality of Madibeng finds itself at a deep end with too many informal settlements. The informal settlements in Madibeng becomes a mere problem with the fact that there are not enough funds for service delivery.

The growth of informal settlements compounded the problem of meeting the demand for housing under Human Settlements. The number of informal settlements is growing uncontrollably. Likewise, the populations inside these ghettos are increasing rapidly.

Informal settlements were essentially shanty towns and slums. This results in undesirable urbanisation driven less by economic growth and more by rural-urban migration of the poor and jobless.

This means Madibeng was confronted with a crisis similar to an internal refugee situation, as there was a continuous flow of poor and jobless migrants into the cities. The Madibeng municipality has too many informal settlements such as Kameeldrift, Rashoop, Nkandla, Lindelani, Tlapalawa, Phase 4, Corrie Sanders, Mountain View, Siyatlhala, Wonderland and a newly established informal settlement called Mandlenkosi or rather ‘Mayisela Informal Settlement.’

It is alleged that the public figure and the one and only Elliot Mandlenkosi Mayisela is behind the establishment of the informal settlements especially in Oukasie.   The allegations further indicate that it could be that Mayisela is running a business to sell portions of land to needy people or award pieces of land to his family friends.

The allegations came after he took two of his family friends and established them in place declared to be hazardous and claim that he has made arrangements with the municipality to place those innocent people there.

When questioned by the leaders from a nearby informal settlement he reiterated and said he will take responsibility for any action and he place those people using his own capacity as Mayisela. Apparently those two families were residing at his sisters apartment and now the family want to renovate the place.

Mayisela dismantled the community of Oukasie and the nearby informal settlement by not respecting the process and procedures of relocating individuals. His actions clearly indicate that he has personal issues with the people of Oukasie.

Why is he always against what the community is doing? Is Mayisela a good leader to start with? A person like him knows very well how to become a true leader but trying to cause conflict is not the way to go.

A good leader is a self actualised leader. Self actualization is the highest form of human growth, someone who is self actualized is a fully functioning human being. A leadership is a concept central to understanding the processes and outcomes, yet its definition is elusive.

Many disciplines have contributed to the study of leadership, including theory, history, psychology and management studies. Leadership reviews the contributions of these disciplines along with a discussion of the work of classic authors. With Mayisela, this seems to be aloof.

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