The Freedom Front Plus believes that South Africa is facing an abyss. South Africans are harassed by crime, unemployment, discrimination and land expropriation. Their solution is to defeat the ANC through coalition politics in network with other opposition parties. They wish to stop policies that hamper job-creation, end discrimination, stop black economic Empowerment (BBBEE), which is racially discriminative in their constitutional view. Their ethos on employment is by merit alone. The interim to the solution is to offer employment to minorities should an appropriate candidate from the BBBEE pool not be found within 90 days of recruitment. They believe in mother-tongue education, protection of minority rights and the right to private land ownership.

This party is well suited for those who hold Christian values dear. This is also a home to those wanting to eradicate crime actively tackling corruption at all levels. The Freedom Front Plus strives for economic prosperity and progress without compromising personal identity in terms of education, culture, and language, which should be equally protected in all 11 forms.


It is interesting to note that the Freedom Front Plus was the only party to vote against the then newly imposed BEE Act in Parliament in June 2013. The Freedom Front Plus endeavors to stop the wealthy black elite enriching themselves at the expense of the poor and marginalised. The party also wishes to stand up against the propaganda lies of the ANC regarding history and land ownership (Parliament 2012). This is also the only party that seeks to prioritise farm attacks as a priority crime.


In Madibeng, your Freedom Front Plus councillor candidates under the auspices of Clr Elsa Lourens , also the Parties Mayoral Candidate, are as follows: Ward 22 and 30 (Brits High School to Spar and Ifafi) – Christie van der Westhuizen – this includes the high taxpaying wards. Ward 23 (Hendrik Verwoed Avenue to Brits Hoerskool) – Jan Smith; Ward 40 (Sonop to geluk) – Carina Klopper (Also the no1 Candaidate for Bojanala District ; Ward 29 (Kosmos, Skeerpoort and Hekpoort-Bokfontien) – Lardus Klopper; Ward 27 (Mooinooi) – Hannetjie Groberlaar; and Ward 33 (Schoemansville) & 39 (Elandsrand)– Elsa Lourens.


What is notable about the Freedom Front Plus local team is that they are each skilled in the department of service they have been called to. From an electrician (on issues of power and connections), to a blossoming forensic criminologist (to assist Clr Lourens in working closely with the SAPS on Crime Combatting), and from an administrative point of view to general leadership, each candidate brings a specialised skill set to the table.


During the Mooinooi food strike this team provided food to 300 households for 3 weeks, and when Sonop was in the lurch with no power for 8 days, they collected R50 000 worth of food and utilities to distribute among the marginalised.


“Even though our election boards are being ripped off and we might be a small team, we are working too tirelessly and are on the job 24/7 to fetter with the normal voter recruiting mechanism other parties endorse,” admits Clr Lourens.


“We are focused on service delivery and will not be working any harder or less just before elections. We do not just ‘show face’ when it is election time – we are a constantly toiling to make a difference in the community,” concludes Clr Lourens.