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Madibeng Healthcare Bandwagon Is Full


Currently, we are experiencing a dilapidation of our healthcare system in the form of clinics and hospitals in Madibeng not being able to accommodate the hefty burden of citizens who cannot afford private medical facilities. This is because of the influx of illegal immigrants and legal refugees that have crossed our borders with an inherited culture of clove hands, seeking not just a better life or asylum, but also the free healthcare supplied by our government. With the added burden, there are not even enough scheduled medicines available for our own taxpaying and unemployed citizens, which hosts as a threat to our national health security and our state healthcare infrastructure.

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The nearest train station where one could board a transport to Pretoria or surrounds used to be in De Wildt. One finds several abandoned train tracks severed throughout Brits and greater Madibeng. When it comes to public transport, our population is left to rely on mini-bus taxis. These, on the other hand, do not usually operate after 17:00, which makes transport to and from work a challenge to be reckoned with. It is disgusting in the most that our local government has not implemented a public transport project as this is direly needed in the Madibeng Municipality.

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Job Creation – The Way Forward In Madibeng

Currently, there is a shortage of jobs and unemployment is ravaging our region. There are countless learners with their first degree in hand, unable to secure any form of employment. In our region, we hardly have professional businesses in existence to employ graduates, and unskilled labour is rifled with the demands of unions and strikes.

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Modderspruit Protest To Affect Local Elections

The 14 days allocated to the Local Municipality of Madibeng by the people of Modderspruit has lapsed and as a result total chaos broke out. Apparently, this was not taken seriously by local government.ROADS For the past two years there has been a number of protests in areas such as Bapong, Majakaneng and of course Modderspruit, where nine (9) trucks plus approximately three (3) light vehicles were torched by angry community members who pounced on the mentioned vehicles in mob style anguish.

Mahumapelo should have taken note of the situation. Thus this current provincial and local administration is responsible for the chaos that erupted. This is proof of their incompetence and incapability of reasoning.
A police station, a councillor’s house, namely Clr. Nkhoma, a post office and other government and private institutions were set alight by angry residents for lack of service delivery. This included the non-provision of water services. Is the municipality taking its own people seriously? It is as if the level of intellect needed is not being applied to the scenario. The one side, which is the municipality, has distanced itself in its humanity toward the people. Nonetheless, the damages to vehicles is set to the estimation of millions of rands.

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Mayisela Challenges The Appointment Of Nankie Matlhare

The former North-West MEC of Agriculture and also both SANCO and Regional List Committee member (RLC), namely Mandlenkosi Elliot Mayisela allegedly went to the Provincial List Committee and the National List Committee to object the selection of Nankie Matlhare to become the ANC ward councillor candidate for Ward 22 in Madibeng.Untitled-2
This is how it works, the ANC Local Government Candidate Selection Process has the documents called “through the eye of a Neddle.”

So the main sections of the document is General Requirements and Principles, section structures, and Ward Candidate Nomination Process.

PR Candidates Nomination, Management and Timeframe for the Candidate Selection Process: During the nominations in Ward 22, the ANC members and the community elected six candidates of which two were shortlisted for the possession of ward councillor.

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Brits Woman ATM Robbery Abduction – Left Tied In Elandsrand Bush

On Wednesday, 25 May 2016, at approximately 16:00, a woman resident in the Madibeng area was followed to a local ATM where she was abducted and robbed of her cash. Hereafter, she was taken and tied up – then left in the bush area in Elandsrand, where she was discovered by SAPS staff. She was fortunate to have not sustained any form of bodily harm.atm-machine

A growing trend has emerged where criminals stand in banks or at ATMs posing as clients to only seek out those that have came to withdraw substantial funds. These robbers then inform each other by cellphone in order to follow the victim, rob and abduct them. The victim is then usually abandoned in distant bushes or rural areas where they might even stand the scourge of not being found. The eminent state of unemployment and poverty have added to our crime rate a new kind of criminal strategy hovers near every ATM in the region.

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Left- Wing Fascist Malema On The Animist Trip

President of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), Commander-in-Chief, Comrade Julius Malema is taking centre stage with the upcomming elections. Besides attacking the ANC and Zuma at political rallies that he tags ‘community meetings,’ he has proclaimed that without land ownership and flushing toilets, South Africa will never be free. Julius+Malema+XXX+high+resThis is his latest pre-election campaign stunt with a payoff line jeering the ‘Zuma must fall!’

There is a huge compliment of EFF supporters in the Madibeng region, and even in the town of Brits. Through informal settlements, the red shirts with red berets are seen in numbers known for their military stance and non-negotiable policy of ‘taking back their agrarian land.’ This is far different from the definitive idea of private ownership of property that is embraced in a free-market system.

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