South Africa is faced with an economic crisis because of our population and the influx of immigrants. The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) president Julius Malema urges women to make more babies in order to secure their political future.

In our modern society, women will always have to queue in hunger for social grants because of their increased offspring. A baby is a collective responsibility.

Malema condoning that the people should only rely on social grants is a lame utterance. Of course we cannot stop social grants. Babies are a blessing from God. Malema urges black people to have more babies.

When last did Malema go to an informal settlement and see how many babies are produced daily? How could he miss all those black babies in a mere excuse to defend his political interests? This is another politician out of touch with reality.

How do you expect these people to live depending on their social grants. That is enforcing poverty in this already poor society. Instead of empowering them, he wants to enslave them. The country is facing a challenge regarding a shortage of doctors and engineers, not people to vote and gain someone political power.

We believe that Malema is unable to define the term of struggle and therefore the only thing he is running politically is for people to vote for his party and sustain him with power. Malema has everything and now he wants us to transform society into a slave camp.

He has many exclusive cars, beautiful houses, airplanes for that matter, he can also afford to pay for a personal bodyguards and live a luxurious life. How many children does he have when he wants women to breed and defend his political battles?

He should lead by example and produce more than 20 of his own children to protect his legacy. By so doing, his children will bear many other children of their own.

In his statement, Malema accused white people of trying to discourage blacks from breeding because whites wanted to reduce black numbers so they could take over politically. Women should be respected not only as baby-makers or carriers but to have good husbands, children, contribute in educating their children, have a good life and of course make an impact within society.

What does he mean when he says women should be breeding goats? Imagine having nine (9) children or more, would you be able to survive, give them proper education, feed them and spend quality time with them?

Malema was in Soweto to drum up excitement for his election manifesto launch in Orlando at the end of last month. “Give birth and expand because if we do not make children we are going to disappear as a black nation. To make children is a revolutionary duty, because children represent reproduction of society.”

He further said that “and when you reproduce yourself you are reproducing your ideas and legacy. White people do not want us to give birth because they know we are more than them. So that they can be more than us and the day they are more than us they will take over our land,” he said.