Political Rivalry ensues the closer to local elections

The Madibeng Local Municipality claims the lives of the ANC members who are brutally killed due to political interests. Steyn Mphafudi allegedly murdered by his girlfriend for what we believe was for political gain, and then there is another crucial murder, that of Thabo Moroa.

Moroa was gunned down by a group of hooligans at his homestead in Maboloka on Saturday evening, 18 June, 2016. How many ANC members are still on the hit list before the elections? Every weekend someone sustains injuries or is killed for being part of the liberation movement.

What does the Freedom Charter say? Were those people not liberated from the struggle before 1994, what is the message the ANC is sending out when members are hurting and killing each other like animals, are we bound to see peaceful elections on 3 August, 2016.

Those on the hit list are targeted by infested factionalism within the organisation.. On 6 January, 2016, a war appeared to be the only way to describe factional battles tearing apart the ANC in the North-West region of Bojanala. In Bokfontein, during the opening of the community hall when the ANC Regional Secretary Tokyo Mataboge was badly assaulted by a group of alleged ANC members, it was evident that violence would ever be part of the ANC way of ‘resolving’ infighting.

During March, Steyn Mphafudi was killed in Ward 30 for political gain. He was allegedly killed by his girlfriend who was later arrested and charged. Members of the organisation were accused of being part or orchestrated his killing and used their money to release the suspect on bail.

Around May during the ANC meeting, a fight broke out between members of the ANC who were standing outside the conference hall and guns were removed and members started shooting randomly and one member was shot on the arm and later the suspect was arrested.

The same month, at the Civic Centre in Rustenburg, another infighting erupted when members or rather factional groups disagreed on something and started firing shots at each other. Luckily, no one was injured and some hit men were identified to be ANC Ward councillors candidates are now hubted by the police.

On 18 June, during a funeral of one of the ANC members’ parent, an argument came about between the factional groups and ended up with bullets flying all over the cemetery.

The incident took place at Mothutlung and the following ward were target by counterparts, Wards 5,6, 13, 22, 20 and 21 respectively. Those councillors who were present jumped up and down using ANC regalia, berets and flags as shields for bullets.

Two members were shot and were taken to the Brits Hospital and most of the comrades who were at the funeral were from ward 13. The infighting did not end at the funeral, Thabo Morwe the ANC member was shot and killed at his homestead in Maboloka late evening on Saturday.

He was shot by the unknown gunmen supposingly from the same organisation. This clearly tells the ANC national structure that in the North-West Province there are still major problems regarding the coming elections. Those appointed in Madibeng should clean records, solid credentials, and have earnest leadership.