Madibeng Administration is liable for failed infrastructure

Madibeng municipality is struggling to operate and maintain their services infrastructure in a cost-effective and sustainable manner. The end result is predictable: rapid deterioration of assets, followed by catastrophic component failure, and regular and prolonged disruptions in service delivery.

This article identifies and examines some of the challenges that exist in the Madibeng municipality. A local municipality in the Brits area is used as a case study. It must be emphasised though that there is no intention to discredit this particular municipality or any of its employees.

Instead, the findings should be that the administration point needs a thorough assessment against the infrastructure background. The municipal administration should aim at improving the infrastructure and the working conditions of municipal staff who are confronted with numerous impediments in their current work environment.

A number of issues, ranging from financial constraints to institutional deficiencies and personnel problems, are highlighted. Current utilisation of grant funding and some municipalities’ dependency on funding agencies are also debated.

The entire administration must be shown the way, constantly they have shown no capabilities and no ability to lead the whole municipality. They have not provided any jobs for the youth, the community feels that the situation they are living in is worse than the apartheid regime.

The solution is, however, more focused on finding workable solutions to ensure that best practise is applied in operating and maintaining municipal services infrastructure in a sustainable manner.

The second part of the paper explores possible short- and long-term options, including support from consulting engineers and outsourcing of essential services to the private sector. The electricity supply company’s contract in Madibeng should be terminated.

The Hartebeesport Dam is covered by algae and also the matter needs to receive immediate attention. The municipal satellite office in Letlhabile should be re-opened in order to deal with complains from the residents over the municipal billing system.

In the local elections to come, members of the community should benefit out of their efforts. Monthly meetings called by councillors should allow communities to raise their issues.

Especially on issues regarding unfinished projects, infrastructures not attended to and as well as the maladministration by the municipality and the leadership of the ANC. The Department officials must also be sent to work from the municipality to deal with issues of title deeds.