We urge the public to be on the outlook for suspicious elements and report such the South African Police Services (SAPS). Such an element was spotted on the private property of a community member. This person was arrested and handed over to the SAPS. It came to light that this person had left Zimbabwe and came to Brits the same night having proper documents, but with no possessions or an address. These elements are the cause of theft and farm murders, which are on the rise daily.

At 19:00, on Monday, 15 June 2016, a young man was robbed after he stopped at the red traffic light across Hernic Mine. A blue Hyundai Gets with a North-West registration passed this motorist and stopped at the same traffic light across Hernic Mine. Three suspects came out of the vehicle and approached the motorist. Two held him at gunpoint. These two assaulted him and searched his pockets, while the other two raided his vehicle. The young man sustained minor injuries, yet is traumatised. When travelling on the R511, please keep your car doors locked as this is becoming a crime hotspot. Also be vigilant and on the lookout for elements that give you or your vehicle above-average attention.

On the weekend of 18 June, 2016, there were five incidents of violence that erupted in the Kleinfontein community. Four of the five incidents include farmworkers that were attacked and assaulted at their room residences and on their way home. These farmworkers were attacked by seven unknown suspects. With these attacks ensued a house break-in on a farm resident

On 22 June, 2016, there was an attack on farmworkers. Four armed robbers stole cellphones, clothes, DVD players and cash. There has been an increase of robbery, violent crime and an attack on the local population by foreign elements. The community is warned to be on the lookout should they be resident on farms, and smaller farm holdings.

The Phokeng K9 Unit members were on a routine patrol when they received information that a business robbery was committed at one of the clothing stores in Rustenburg. They then responded and spotted a car fitting the given description and chased it while requesting backup. The Brits Tactical Response Team (TRT), Hartebeesportdam K9 Unit and Public Order Police (POP) joined the chase. It was during a chase that the suspects alighted from a Toyota Quantum and ran into bushes near Damonsville-Letlhabile at the Brits intersection. The suspects shot at the police who returned fire. Five suspects were arrested while one suspect managed to flee. The police managed to confiscate three pistols from the suspects and recover items robbed from the store. It is suspected that the suspects are linked to another business robbery case in Letlhabile.