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When it comes to a free and fair society, one will have to weigh the Local Madibeng Municipality in the light of the Constitution. The next phase would be to identify how constitutional Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment is. This is the only country in the world where a huge black majority is paranoid to the extent where they feel the need to protect themselves politically and economically by against a white minority in terms of exclusion from employment. The Labour Relations Act (LRA) does make place for fair discrimination to right the wrongs of the past. But should a white minority still be excluded and people employed on the basis of their race instead of merit for another 20 years? Let us elaborate.

If one would squad the employees working at our municipality, one finds an array of black employees to an astonishing majority. It has already been ruled out in the Labour Court, being an High Court of the Republic that national demographics be used to justify equity positions. These Labour Court cases are numerous and far too elaborative for concise inclusion. Nevertheless this seems to be the gold standard in terms of employment at the municipality.

But this ‘gold standard’ also comes with a disillusioned twist; nepotism and corruption also play a huge role in throwing a spanner in the works. Senior municipal officials are known to place their family members and friends in positions of influence. “At the municipality, when you want a job, be prepared to offer a portion of your salary for a few months, and you will be well placed – those people are greedy, they want their salaries and an extra income from placing employees and of course backdoor pay from placing contractors” responded a community member that wished to remain anonymous.

From appointment to redeployments, with usual bout of the musical chair game that is undertaken by the municipality, even though white Afrikaans-speaking community members complement a huge portion of our population, they are excluded from the game.

In the US, it is a black minority that is protected against the discrimination of a white majority. Even the president is of a minority race group when viewing this in the light of demographics and ethnicity. The US has been tagged as the country where anyone can become anything. Sadly enough in sunny South Africa, you need to be well connected to get any where or gain any form of employment regardless if you fall into any ethnic group, that is the towline in government. It is very similar to mines that operate in Madibeng, it seems that you have to ‘know someone’ to get your foot in the door, or be financially or politically connected.

The root of discrimination and unfairness should net see the light of another two decades and should be amended within our legislation. We need the very conceptualisers of our law to review these Acts and dare to challenge an overarching majority.