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20 years of democracy in South Africa has lapsed, and even with the highly regarded Constitution in place, it seems that we still do have a equal and just society. The controversial subject of property and land reform do not co-exist, and private property in a democracy should never be a ‘controversial’ issue. With the recent incidents of land-grabbing, even within the borders of Madibeng, it is clear that property rights are being ignored. The limitations placed by legislation are being infringed in terms of private land ownership. Crime is used to subdue stakeholders in the agrarian sector, and bloodshed is the weapon in the had of the like-minded. The mandate of government is to ensure civil society and enforce the rule of law in line with universal suffrage. When one muses the abovementioned, one can comes to the conclusion that the ruling government has failed us.

Approximately, almost 40% of the population is currently unemployed. The youth are are disillusioned, and a qualification has been equated to a mere worthless piece of paper. With limited jobs available in the national, provincial and municipal market, and the gap narrow the more local one scouts, the youth are embroiled in a battle of competition. It has become the norm to ‘know someone’ to gain any form of employment that allows sustainable livelihood.

As a government with a strong socialist background, it is their responsibility to guarantee equal opportunities for all citizens. This right has been infringed by the embracing of Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment. The ethnic minorities outside of the black population are forced to compete in the job market under normal circumstances, and have no chance at equity positions – even when held in directorate and managerial context.

The African National Congress (ANC) that poses as a social democratic government is a covert dictatorship. This can be seen with its efforts to muzzle the media and place high-ranking officials and members into positions of power within the corporate and financial sectors. Even Parliament is chaired by its own.

The current government has evolved into a capitalist-loving national fascist movement. These is witnessed by the murder of innocent citizens who dare to demonstrate in protest – lest the forces of the South African National Police Services (SAPS) terminate such legal expression of dissatisfaction with government, even though this is popularly televised.

The state government is enforcing a form of ‘fair’ discrimination, which is yet to be challenged constitutionally. Has 20 years not been enough to redress the inequality of apartheid? A generation of free-borns already exist that have never witnessed any form form of the unfairness experienced in the past – it is time to move forward not backward.

The abuse of power in the form of maladministration, nepotism, bribery, corruption and rigged tenders has become the pay-off line of our current government. The solution to this problem is to ‘take up arms’ at the voting polls. Your vote is your say as to what kind of government you want to empower. And, if you are not coping in the current economic and political climate, vote COPE.