African National Socialism Failure

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What happened to the mandate of the EFF to nationalise the banks, the mines and other aspects of their plans? It’s so humiliating to see on television our future leaders being dragged away from parliament like notorious mischievous students by mere parliamentary safety officers.

Most of the time they are always not in attendance at parliament, not representing the population or fulfilling their mandate. What is the use, which municipality will be ruled by always absent parliamentarians? Also, the EFF has no political aspect of recruitment.

It is with no doubt that the EFF should definitely change their leader Malema as their parliamentarian representative. There is no use singing in parliament trying to disrupt the proceedings because after the EFF has been removed from parliament, the sitting continues without interruption.

They have brought no political change because the ANC, as usual, remains in control of parliament after their departure. Compared with Malema, is Ndlozi, the party spokesperson ,better than the CIC in terms of reasoning?

Literally, what is expected is for Malema to stop behaving like a son of a carpenter and become more competent as a political opposition, not the drama he causes in parliament for his personal gains while the population is suffering because of his insecurity.

The EFF is a good organisation according to its followers, but the oppositions feels like it lacks patience and pure leaders. It is now transparent that the EFF leader is dismally attacking the ANC leader who is been accused of too many charges of crime.

Though, some say South Africa’s economy has depreciated since Zuma came on board. The country is now losing its hope not knowing whom to trust. Do you believe that Zuma deserves to lead this country together with the ANC?

Is Zuma the EFF’s mandate, because if so, the moment he dies there will not be anything to campaign about. Supposingly, the origin of this country is just leaders who think for themselves and greedy to make quick cash.

The problem about the EFF is that they are fighting for economical freedom in the league of the president. If Zuma goes then there will be no EFF. The thing is, the country does not need short sighted leaders to rule, but leaders who are well established with more focus.

It is an embarrassment to EFF members when Malema is insulting other leaders especially in the eyes of the public? Many hoped that the EFF would become the official opposition by 2019. Now the Democratic Allicance leader, Mmusi Maimane will take head lead.

What an personal goal from Malema, he does not cease to amaze. A lot of people are now saying they wont vote EFF given what happened in parliament. Seems they scored personall goal to themselves. The EFF needs to find a leader with that dignity and intelligence.

If Malema was as clued up as Maimane, the party would have recruited more people to join in to support the movement. The truth is, the EFF has valid political points but their expression is very defamatory. He was expelled from the ANCYL because of allegations of corruption. What differences will he portray in government if given power?