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20 years of democracy in South Africa has lapsed, and even with the highly regarded Constitution in place, it seems that we still do have a equal and just society. The controversial subject of property and land reform do not co-exist, and private property in a democracy should never be a ‘controversial’ issue. With the recent incidents of land-grabbing, even within the borders of Madibeng, it is clear that property rights are being ignored. The limitations placed by legislation are being infringed in terms of private land ownership. Crime is used to subdue stakeholders in the agrarian sector, and bloodshed is the weapon in the had of the like-minded. The mandate of government is to ensure civil society and enforce the rule of law in line with universal suffrage. When one muses the abovementioned, one can comes to the conclusion that the ruling government has failed us.

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We urge the public to be on the outlook for suspicious elements and report such the South African Police Services (SAPS). Such an element was spotted on the private property of a community member. This person was arrested and handed over to the SAPS. It came to light that this person had left Zimbabwe and came to Brits the same night having proper documents, but with no possessions or an address. These elements are the cause of theft and farm murders, which are on the rise daily.

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When it comes to a free and fair society, one will have to weigh the Local Madibeng Municipality in the light of the Constitution. The next phase would be to identify how constitutional Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment is. This is the only country in the world where a huge black majority is paranoid to the extent where they feel the need to protect themselves politically and economically by against a white minority in terms of exclusion from employment. The Labour Relations Act (LRA) does make place for fair discrimination to right the wrongs of the past. But should a white minority still be excluded and people employed on the basis of their race instead of merit for another 20 years? Let us elaborate.

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The current administration rides on the coattails of past true freedom fighter veterans. Not the type that throws water bottles in Parliament and exchanges thwarts of anger amidst cellulite and botched out braids. This is the type that paid with blood – with their lives for the freedom we all experience today. They did not buy votes with food packages, they fought a struggle, even knowing that they might not see freedom in their lifetime. Such an icon is comrade Steve Biko. But we ask in all solemness, would he have approved of this ‘Cash’ hungry, and corrupt administration. Maybe he would have hauled it worst than the fetters of apartheid.

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