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DA NW Approves Biodiversity Management Bill

The Democratic Alliance in North-West today approved the North West Biodiversity Management Bill, but again shared our concerns about the proposed Bill in the Provincial Legislature.

The Biodiversity bill was drafted to assist in the management of the game breeding industry in line with National legislation. The main focus of the bill is to change the current permit system and to simplify it. Attention was given to protected areas, intensive, semi-intensive and extensive game farm systems.

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Two Suspects Appeared in Court for Business Robbery

The incident happened three weeks ago when a Pakistan citizen allegedly found in possession of two unlicensed firearms, and an undisclosed number of cellphones suspected to have been stolen and also accused of having an illegal rhino horn business.

The community of Oukasie attacked the Pakistan and called the police immediately, when the police arrived they found that the Pakistanian shop was looted, apparently by two community members residing in the same area. It is further alleged that the two suspects are the ones who found the illegal firearms at the Pakistanian shop and alerted the community.

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Madibeng Municipal Ridiculous R12.5 Million Budget Allocated To Ward 1 For ‘VIP’ Toilets

The municipal financial budget has allocated R2.5 million for the year 2016/17, and then there is a further R10 million for the next financial year 2017/18 for ‘VIP toilets’ in Ward 1, incisive of areas encapsulating Kwarrikraal, Rasai, and Sephai. toiletWho are these VIPs and why has such an exuberant amount been allocated to this project?

There are many other informal settlements that are in dire need of waste refuse, drainage and toilets. Is this another ploy by our municipality to ‘locate’ funds to bogus projects? Let us analyse the argument. Continue reading

The Balance Of Fighting Nonconstructive Fascism

In our country, province and within the local region of Madibeng, a form of neo-socialist fascism has emerged. This ideology, like fumes, are fanned by political parties like the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF). The reality of left-wing fascism through the ushering of nationalism is indeed a threat to advocating a free and fair society in South Africa.

Such influences use propaganda, or rather pure fascist rhetoric and retort to justify their means by an end, which in fact will end as the likes of Zimbabwe under the totalitarian dictatorship of Mugabe, which cannot be denied is extreme fascism. Continue reading

Brits: 13 Arrested for Drunkard Driving

Brits SAPS during the weekend have arrested 13 motorists for drunk and driving. Clearly Alcohol misuse appears to be a major contributor, imagine in one weekend more than 10 motorists arrested for drunkard driving.

Highway Patrol Police and Sports Car Next to Alcoholic Drink and Keys Under Spot Light.

South Africa has some of the worst road traffic injury statistics in the world. Each year, millions of people are killed or injured on our roads. These are people who are loved and missed by their families and the impact of the crash will touch hundreds of people and affect many lives. It also impacts on the South African economy and so these lives are not just statistics.

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Eff Members Occupy Land Illegally

Members of the EFF appeared in the Brits Magistrate’s Court for charges allegedly related to malicious damage to property during the eviction process that happened a year ago in the areas between Letlhabile and Maboloka. EFFSome members of the community in Letlhabile and Maboloka forcefully and illegally occupied the open field called Nooitgedagct just a few metres away from Letlhabile and a few kilometres away from Maboloka.
When realising that the illegal invaders occupied the land, the municipality sent a number of notices to alert the community to leave the area. The community refused to leave the area and the EFF gained momentum and support out of the refusal by the community to evacuate.

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Madibeng: How The Political And Economic Un-Equilibrium Destroys Our Livelihood

So we lay claim to a Marxist orientated ideology in terms of economics within Madibeng. pg 12aBut, at the very same time, we do not know where the application thereof begins and where it ends. Lines are blurred when one tries to reconcile political agendas with economic circumstances. Economics and politics do not fuse – let us be bold enough to say they ‘conveniently’ confuse certain roleplayers and disadvantage others at the same time.

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Alarming: ‘Terrorist’ Juju’s ‘Daddy’ Is Robert Mugabe?

Zimbabwe used to be the world’s richest country In terms of exporting certain crops. Today they are officially the poorest country in the world. lol - funnyThis can be acclaimed to the totalitarian form of government that is rampant in the country.
Even though Winne Mandela is known to be Malemas ‘mother’ in political spirit, as he has her resilience and courage, he also has her past urge to violence and hate. His way of ‘getting thins done’ is in fact very close to the militant style of Robert Mugabe. Malema told reporters that the problems in Zimbabwe were not caused by Mugabe but by ‘capital.’

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Man Appeared In Court For Assault

A 23-year-old woman from Moumong village has opened a case against her boyfriend accusing him of having assaulting her over the weekend on 13 May, 2016.

Apparently the girlfriend decided to leave her boyfriend to go and stay with her parents. When the boyfriend arrived home, he found the house empty and his girlfriend took everything to her parents’ home.
According to the boyfriend, he tried to contact his girlfriend but her phone was on voice mail. He decided to go to her parents home to look for her. Luckily he found her there in possession of the movable property. He requested that she bring his belongings back to his house. the girlfriend refused and they started fighting. Continue reading