Will Madibeng Still Vote For Municipal Incompetent Criminals?

The entire Madibeng Local Municipality as an institution is guilty of incompetence and corruption. picsiAs we relate project failures with departmental and committee responsibility, and that in relation with budgets allocated for such, we find each committee member and each member of Council encapsulating individuals guilty of non-performance, non-action, severe ignorance and complacid allowance of poverty, non-communication, crime and the non-delivery of services.

The exact opposite is actually their mandate, which is not being fulfilled and has been in the spotlight for the last decade. The community agrees this entire administration with its friends and family cosily employed by means of nepotism and rooted in deep corruption and theft, even though certain employees may say they have never stolen, yet know exactly what is going on, should be given the boot out, step down and just leave town.Mothibe should be held liable for the poor performance and corruption of her entire tea party – the so-called municipality. The Speaker of Council Mangoathe should also be held accountable as chairman for allowing such a circus to continue knowing well the people of our region are fuming and displeased.
Chief Whip Klaas has even more guilt in terms of control and sound corporate gover-nance to know what is happening right under his nose, yet sits back and allows this. To allow any form of irregularity or crime and not report this makes you an accomplice. The Public Accounts Committees are just as guilty as the thieves that steal from the coffers and the contractors and tenderers that gain business through unfair irregular methods. For all we know, they probably get kickbacks for turning a blind eye. The disorder of ‘domdomdites’ is an understatement. Their leadership style can be described as reckless, irresponsible, and a government that does not know when to apply military intervention.

Municipal Planning and Finances might just find themselves at the mercy of murderous crowds when individuals are pinpointed who are accomplice to funds just going missing. Special Programmes will find themselves in hot water as basic services are not even being supplied – so where do ‘special programmes’ emerge from, sucked from the thumbs of Council to keep votes? IGR and Communications is just not communicating as Tshabala is just not communica-ting, especially with us who love spilling the beans – should that not constitute a written warning?

Where did HR find these imbeciles from who are just not doing their jobs, or did the mayor, as usual appoint ‘chomas’ herself like Rakolle used to do – does it run in the mayoral tradition? Roads and Stormwater – have they not perceived the Kimberly holes all over our roads or are they blind? Water and Sanitation – what must we say; there are still communities without water and sewerage emerges from the streets on a monthly basis.

“Why does this place always smell like a toilet,” tourists always complain. Then everyone points to the much hated building labeled ‘Madibeng Local Municipality’ with a few signage letters missing making them look like fools. The signage on the building compares with the officials in the building – somethings always missing – millions of rands out of the coffers into their swelled pockets. Have you seen the mansion Mothibe lives in? Electricity – informal settlements without electricity still exist, and for the ones not paying other wards in town are being severely overcharged without valid meter readings – it is called guess and invoice.

And Local Economic Development is a joke as most of our people are unemployed. Community Services are providing exaclty what? There are no services. Housing, Land Reform and Land use Management are the orchestrators of bloodbaths and quazi-genocide. Illegal immigrants posing as refugees are plundering, taking land, raping and cold-bloodlessly killing innocent people.

Agrarian land is being lost, soon we will starve and the management will simply order a pizza from a take away. They have figurative bloodstains on their municipal garments. Public Safety and Heath should feel what it is like to be the victim of police brutality. Our Madibeng healthcare is known for loosing lives through negligence and for misdiagnosis, cases are pending. You would swear we have a bunch of bogus ‘doctors.’ How did they ever pass medical school, even a vet could do better.

We have state-of-the-art hospital building with not even all the medical services and equipment needed, which is costing millions of rands by the month. Now, let us get specific on individuals responsible, accountable and guilty for these actions through non-action, which in certain countries would be held as crimes against humanity.
Let us remove our gloves and tackle the Ma-yoral Committee. Cllr Nthengeni – Budget and Treasury: billions of rands have ‘magnificently’ disappeared from the coffers, she is responsible, why has she not been arrested, charged and placed on trial? Or while others help themselves, does she help them too? Cllr Tlhopane – Community Services: What services? The community drives through dongas to get anywhere and Brits Town looks like a trash can. Cllr Modise – Corporate Support Services: try phoning the municipality on a good day and see if you ever get to the right person, that is after two hours on the phone from one to the next – enough said. Cllr Rakole – Human Settlement and Planning: allegatory selling of land. Cllr Ntshabele – Infrastructure and Technical Services: our area has one of the poorest infrastructure compared to other provinces and the municipal website looks like it was copied and pasted together as a primary school project.

Cllr Phethle MMC for Inter-Governmental Relations: with the amount of refugees being xenophobically murdered and illegal immigrants taking land, his performance seems rather tardy. Cllr Nqetho – Integrated Development Planning and Performance Management: with all the mismanagement, maladministration and the entire mob just not doing their jobs, this person should be accountable and shown exit. Cllr Maswangani – Special programmes: What special programmes, we do not even have basic municipal services.
Then there are the salt of the earth like Cllr Elsa Lourens of the Freedom Front Plus who use their salaries to benefit the community and carry their needs on her heart. In the light of all this, how can Madibeng still vote for this administration. Any logical thinking and critical voter would take their fight to the tolls and vote for a far more competent leadership.