Scorned Woman Arsons Her Husband’s House

She was kicked out of her house and later decided to set the house on fire. The incident happened in Majakaneng on 14 May, 2016, when the two lovers had an argument and the boyfriend decided to end the relationship.

On Sunday, 13 May, the boyfriend went to a party with his girlfriend’s friends and most of them were her colleagues. The worst moment derived after the boyfriend was drunk and did not come back home and literally spent the night at his friends’ house.

Early morning, when he got home he was shocked to find his belongings outside the house for rain to ruin, apparently removed by the girlfriend furiously eager to end the relationship herself.

Little did she know she was going to get the hiding of her life. After being humiliated in this manner, the man got angry and started beating and kicking her out of the house. It is alleged that instead of the lady pressing charges, she decided to come back that day at around 7:00 and burn the house down.

Luckily, the boyfriend was not at home at the time of the burning. The community members charged and extinguished the fire immediately. At least a number of items in the house such as the television set, refrigerator, radio and microwave were distroyed by the fire.
The boyfriend immediately went to lay a charge of arson at the nearest police station. The perpetrator was taken in for questioning and was immediately arrested. She appeared in the Brits Magistrate’s Court on charges of arson. The matter was postponed 13 June, 2016, for further investigation.