CORRUPT MADIBENG MUNICIPALITY – And Councillors Must Deliver Or Fall Hails Modderspruit!

On 19 May, 2016, at just after 12:00, the community of Modderspruit bypassed their own Councillor Makgabo and marched to the Madibeng Local Municipality with a Memorandum of Demands (not ‘understanding’).

The demands were that the area be provided and given services, together with the completion of projects, that have been allocated on the municipal budget and some of these appeared as completed by the municipality’s annual report.

The community demands 10 years of ‘back pay’ for services not rendered and projects not concluded. The community demands that Councillor Makgabo step down with the whole commitee and has literally called the municipality corrupt and ‘jealous’ for taking the provision of the ward’s services as a responsibility away from Lonmin Platinum Mine.

The community demanded the supply of water to Katlehong, Slovo Section, Sarajevo, Newstands, Mandela, Old Tornado, Modikwane, Malema View, and to Nkandla Section. The community further demanded roads and infrastructure with road humps on the main roads along with higher master lights.

Electrical connections were also demanded for Nkandla, Sarajevo and Selosesha. The renovation of the community hall was also demanded simultaneously with the upgrading of their park. Demands were also made that the Modderspruit Clinic be registered and operative with 24-hour healthcare services and water connection.

The Completion of the ‘so called’ sports field was also demanded.  The municipality was criticised for the RDP 586 houses that were supposed to be complete within the 2014/16 financial year – this too was demanded as above. The community also insisted and demanded the erection of a high school and library. The Modderspruit community also wanted to know from the municipality why ward committees are selling proof of residences.

A local mobile police station with and post office was also demanded of the municipality together with an allocated budget for Modderspruit each year. They also demanded that their counillor, namely councillor Makgabo step down with the entire ward committee. The community also demanded a response within seven (7) working days.
The community was well commended for a peaceful and well-behaved public protest march. “We forgive those ward committees and councillors who tried to block us, but here we are and the struggle continues!” exclaimed their spokesperson.

“You have disappointed the enemy, Makgaob thought we would not be here but yet we are,” he added. In 1998/9, the community of Modderspruit was provided water and services. The area was well kept and subsistence and farming was succeeding.

Thereafter, the Local Municipality of Madibeng, because of ‘jea- lousy,’ according to the community memorandum, took over the responsibility thereof. “The municipality is suffering because of Madibeng! You have violated the Consitution” came the uproar.

“The municipality claimed that they have embarked on a paving project for the community of Modikwe at the cost of R20 million, yet we have seen nothing! Since 1994, the municipality has claimed in their annual reports that they have laid internal roads in all sections of Modderspruit, yet none of this was done by them and for a period of 10 years our community has never been allocated a budget,” fumed community members.

The municipality’s annual report of 2014/15 claimed that their RDP houses had already been built, but in all objective and factual recognition – this does not exist.

“The renovation of the park apparently cost R500 000, yet it looks like a jungle! Corrupt Madibeng promised us a sports field in 2010 and last year they spent R100 000. Now they are claiming R2.6 million,” the proven accusations flew against the administration.

The community also raised the concern that unemployment has reached an all high in the area. “Even Bakwena was willing to renovate our community hall using R2 million, yet the municipality refused this,” added members of the community.

“We want to warn Madibeng that the youth of Modderspruit will not rest until you stop violating the Constitution! Stop taking our money from the mine on our behalf as we have a Community Trust, we can take care of our own money. Councilllor Makgabo must step down – he lives amongst us, yet does not serve us,” concluded the community.