Corrie Sanders Informal Settlement – Built On A Legacy Of Murder

The fact that any settlement would be named after the actual victim who was murdered in cold blood is in itself an outrage owing to the fact that civil order just cannot be kept within the borders of our residence. This adds to the utter despondent anti-nostalgic discourse that should we have been able to upkeep civil law and order, we would not be left with a painful reminder of the lack thereof.

The uncomprehending inability for our security infrastructure namely the police services to man our suburbs and hinge crime is a frightening thought. The incompetence of our municipality to keep the rule of law and civil order also stands out as a stain on the hem of the garments of municipal officials. This stain is indeed drenched in blood.

The blood of the innocent, the blood of masses that protested for services and where brutally killed by our police. Yes, even the blood of innocent murder and rape victims that thought they had a voice in a country where human rights are so vocally honoured yet executed with rather tardy and lacked response. It was blood that bought this country from the infamous nationalist in the past, it is blood that is shed today that calls from the earth for justice in a society where the lives of its citizens mean less than a sealed deal in the form of an irregular tender.
Elandsrand has also been negatively affected by these factors. Respect for private property has gone out the back door as communistic influences and criminal activities have increased. Propaganda from political circles emerge and incite. This, with no form of livelihood, forces the desperate to commit heinous crimes and desicate the property of others. Compla-cidness from our municipality has also encouraged this. It is a pity that only years later are martyrs adored, when the change that comes about does not equal the amount of blood, sweat and tears that cost such privileged rights to life itself. Today, as you walk about the streets, going about your business as a law abiding citizen, the chances that you will encounter crime in all forms, and not even live to tell the tale is rather debilitating.
The non-action and complacidness of our current administration, which seems to encourage this type of behaviour by its residents, is shameful. This we are afraid, verges on the narcissistic personality trait. This trait is found in the successful who do not care who they have to step to get where they want to be.

Farmers are murdered by illegal immigrants. Farmworkers are placed in the same position as they too are targeted and murdered or scared into leaving their employment with such agrarian producers. Not even the fact that these farmworkers are of the same pigmentation and thus viewed more as genuine indigenous Africans has saved their hides. Illegal immigrants through the guise of refugees have, through the combined factors of criminal mentality, worsening circumstances, and non-action by local government, taken to killing and plundering to their hearts desires.
Not even the animal kingdom resorts to such ghastly and fervent measures to take as they please, kill as they like, rape to their lusts desire – and in so doing, our local civiliance is destroyed and our eco- nomy crushed. The answer is pretty legal and simple. Arrest, prosecute, imprison and deport. A step further would be to demolish these illegal informal settlements or formalise them. With our local government not even being able to rid areas of rubbish or read a meter, I doubt they would be able to handle such issues, however simple – not to mention complex issues of industrial government administration. The other solutions is to just vote the whole lot of them out.