An ‘Our People’ Orientated Economy And Policy Needed

As touching border control, the successful administration of a generic socialist state, and our inherent incompetence to draw on the resources of our armed forces for the cause of civil order and protection, has result on what we are experiencing in our country and in our local municipalities today.poes  The Local Madibeng Municipality has a responsibility to its residents to endorse and implement cutting-edge policies, yet the cognitional level of our officials is deliriously lacking. The immaturity of our municipal officials overwhelms us like the ducking of homosapiens from the droppings of flying elephants.

Let us magnify the mediocrity of our current maladministration, with simple tasks having to be outsourced and contracted to even more amateu-rish counterparts. This is the reality of local life in ‘no-kasi’ as the cheese has left the mouse because the fat rats are chewing it all up in their pockets. Rats are known for having to steal to survive, yet our government has more than enough to live on (there goes our tax money) and then still corruption persists.
Do you mean to engage that our local municipa-lity has greater cunning and sly than rodents as even rodents take only to survive in-line with socialist views, where our ‘per capita’ officials take in-line with greed? This is, of course, a rhetorical question that needs no answer – that is if they would ever be affected enough as to communicate or rebut on such statements. Nonetheless, We need to strengthen our border control and clamp down on border bribes and papers granted for personal benefit by border officials.

This will decrease the influx of illegal immigrants within our local borders and automatically boost employment and the economy. When someone who has escaped brutality of their own mother African country comes mincing over our borders, willing to grab any job offered far below the minimum wage rate, then none of us stand a chance at employment, with or without qualifications – might seem like a nasty statement, and it is not intended as such, but is the unadulterated truth.
With these alien elements in our society, cramped up in their own informal settlements, murder for a bag of groceries is possible – especially when these people are starving, suffer from the winter cold and have no form of adequate shelter. With the blood-curdling crimes committed in rural and agrarian areas such as Sanddrift and Kameeldrift, the armed forces should be utitlised in order to bring about civil order. The local police, even though the nearest police deaprtment in Assen has allegedly proved to be ‘empty’ in certain cases, do not really stand a chance against dynamite, automatic machine weaponry and hand grenades.

Yet the South African military pro- bably does not even know what the current situation is aloft moving up in their ranks. Concerning our crumbling municipality, the common route of from policy to action seems distraught by many a dunce-like restriction. “It is like a very rare form of domdomdites,” said a community member with a very straight face.

When asked what exactly this is, the response was very unexpected. “It encompasses a layer of sh*t covering the eyes,” he concluded. This newsroom is stifling not to even smile.