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Will Madibeng Still Vote For Municipal Incompetent Criminals?

The entire Madibeng Local Municipality as an institution is guilty of incompetence and corruption. picsiAs we relate project failures with departmental and committee responsibility, and that in relation with budgets allocated for such, we find each committee member and each member of Council encapsulating individuals guilty of non-performance, non-action, severe ignorance and complacid allowance of poverty, non-communication, crime and the non-delivery of services.

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CORRUPT MADIBENG MUNICIPALITY – And Councillors Must Deliver Or Fall Hails Modderspruit!

On 19 May, 2016, at just after 12:00, the community of Modderspruit bypassed their own Councillor Makgabo and marched to the Madibeng Local Municipality with a Memorandum of Demands (not ‘understanding’).

The demands were that the area be provided and given services, together with the completion of projects, that have been allocated on the municipal budget and some of these appeared as completed by the municipality’s annual report.

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Scorned Woman Arsons Her Husband’s House

She was kicked out of her house and later decided to set the house on fire. The incident happened in Majakaneng on 14 May, 2016, when the two lovers had an argument and the boyfriend decided to end the relationship.

On Sunday, 13 May, the boyfriend went to a party with his girlfriend’s friends and most of them were her colleagues. The worst moment derived after the boyfriend was drunk and did not come back home and literally spent the night at his friends’ house. Continue reading

Supposed Bokfontein Rapist Case Postponed

Members of the community condemn the barbaric actions performed by a 39-year-old man from Bokfontein who appeared in the Brits Magistrate’s Court for charges of rape.

Police crime statistics released there were a total of 53 617 sexual offences reported to the South African Police Services (SAPS) yearly. This translates into 147 cases per day. The difficulty with using statistics released by the SAPS is that many incidents of rape go unreported; some studies estimate that if all rapes were reported, the figures could be as high 482 000 for the country. Continue reading

Central Secondary High School Allegedly Unfairly Dismisses Employee

An administration clerk was unfairly dismissed at the Central Secondary High School under the auspices of the School Governing Body (SGB), and allegedly with the interference of the principle who the dismissed employee felt was being unfair.

At the Council for Conciliation Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) the dismissed employee was struck over the fingers for bringing in a dispute beyond the 30 day deadline according to the Labour Relations Act (LRA). She was advised to accept a month’s remuneration as settlement by the honourable commissioner.

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Madibeng People Deserve Better Healthcare

The Democratic Alliance in North-West is deeply concerned by the enormous amounts that is paid out by the North West Health Department due to malpractice and negligence.

The DA has continuously warned that MEC, Dr. Magome Masike, has a lack of control over the bad service and medical assistance his staff renders to the people of this povince and should intervene to keep perpetrators accountable and to spend the budget on essential, life-saving equipment. The latest figures revealed that more than R11 million was paid out during the 204/2015 financial year in malpractice lawsuits. Continue reading

An ‘Our People’ Orientated Economy And Policy Needed

As touching border control, the successful administration of a generic socialist state, and our inherent incompetence to draw on the resources of our armed forces for the cause of civil order and protection, has result on what we are experiencing in our country and in our local municipalities today.poes  The Local Madibeng Municipality has a responsibility to its residents to endorse and implement cutting-edge policies, yet the cognitional level of our officials is deliriously lacking. The immaturity of our municipal officials overwhelms us like the ducking of homosapiens from the droppings of flying elephants.

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Corrie Sanders Informal Settlement – Built On A Legacy Of Murder

The fact that any settlement would be named after the actual victim who was murdered in cold blood is in itself an outrage owing to the fact that civil order just cannot be kept within the borders of our residence. This adds to the utter despondent anti-nostalgic discourse that should we have been able to upkeep civil law and order, we would not be left with a painful reminder of the lack thereof.

The uncomprehending inability for our security infrastructure namely the police services to man our suburbs and hinge crime is a frightening thought. The incompetence of our municipality to keep the rule of law and civil order also stands out as a stain on the hem of the garments of municipal officials. This stain is indeed drenched in blood. Continue reading

Budaza From Legonyane Arrested For Murder

Budaza Skhumba (55) from Legonyane appeared in the Brits Magistrate’s Court for charges of assault and murder.

In today’s society, it is not taken into consideration that most if not over 70% of murder cases erupt from domestic violence and happens within the boundaries of relationships. This is also strongly influenced by gratuitous violence freely broadcasted through the media and in specific television.

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