Officials Play Anticorruption Mantra – Media Is Silent


corruption, government, bad, stop, evilWhile government politicians play the anti-corruption mantra making statements of fighting commercial and white collar crime within our municipal, provincial and national regiments, our media seems to not want to report on what is actually happening.

From floor cleaners that magically become municipal managers, to the mass maladministration and emptying of state coffers – the media has been rather complacid in reporting on these crimes. Nepotism and corruption is ravaging our municipality in local Madibeng.


The media has a responsibility towards the community to inform and educate voters as to the status quo of current political affairs and how the municipality is misappropriating funds. With R1,5 billion missig from our state coffers, the media in Madibeng has been rather cooperatively silent. We have had a musical chair contest as regarding municipal managers and mayors.

Many people are of the allegory opinion that reason we have seen so many municipal managers and mayors come and go is that the municipality is unmanageable and that it is rather the underlying elements that contribute to the overall failure of the administration. This seems as if those who are responsible are rather shifting blame.

The public awaits the promised roads, water, electricity, infrastructure to buildings while the misuse of funds allegedly still continues. Every year a budget is produced and published in media that seems favourable to government.
When perusing these budgets and the projects listed, one finds that numerous projects from previous years where not finished, and some have not even yet been started. A silent media and no investigative journalism is withholding much needed information from the community, which is meant to serve as voter education. It was our voters that placed this dysfunctional government and local municipal administration into power, it will be by the majority vote that under performing officials are ousted.

We need a collective citizenship that can think critically and compare performance with governmental spending. Even our citizens seem rather complacid when it comes to holding our local leadership accountable. We are still to see the fruits and findings of the Hawks that crack down on our municipality.

The mayor and administration feel that it is the work of unhappy and redeployed officials that want to create an image of incompetent current leadership. What should be taken into account is that the mess left by our previous mayors and municipal managers is left for the next administration that takes the reigns, each leaving a legacy of corruption and mismanagement for the next.
On the other hand, there are many in high government and municipal positions that does not have the needed experience or qualifications befitting such positions, so should any other official or department be involved in any kind of corruption, theft, or mis- and maladministration, the gatekeepers do not have the know how to counteract this let alone catch the person red handed.

Skills in forensic auditing are needed, financial management and public administration. These people should be replaced with honest, competent and educated officials. The open door should be honesty, and employment should follow polygraph and psychometric testing and evaluation through a competent industrial psychologist before being admitted to serve the public in office.