Mother’s Gambling Addiction Nearly Costs Child Her Life

problem-gambling A Sonop woman faces felony charges after her three-year-old daughter drank paraffin and went into cardiac arrest. A 30-year-old-woman thus was arrested on 16 April, 2016, and charged with child neglect resulting in injury.

According to the statement made by a neighbour, the three-year-old daughter drank the paraffin which was left in the house contained in a plastic bottle assuming that it was consumable water. The child was found unresponsive with shallow breathing a short while later and was transported to the nearby clinic.

Apparently, upon realising that the child had consumed paraffin, the mother was instructed by community members to buy her fresh milk to drink. Immediately someone was sent to a nearby shop to buy the milk and took a long time to return. Upon arrival, the child was already taken to the clinic. It is alleged that the whole thing happened after the mother left the child alone in the house and went to gamble next door. She was surprised when seeing a group of people coming towards the place where she was gambling screaming that the child had drank paraffin.
Here once again, gambling has taken its toll. Many countries have limited the maximum amount or times you may bet in order to deter this. The recent incident has proven that a life can be taken due to the negligence caused by gambling, especially when a mother has left dangerous substances with the unattended children. In gambling, winning is considered worse than losing. If you win you spend a little but gamble the rest. If you lose, you most probably sell something to gamble again, even though you know you have a slim chance of winning, that is gambling the gambling game. It does not matter how much you have lost over the years, the point is, the money is gone. Its that little niggler in the back of your mind that says, “maybe I’ll win today.”

To get back on track I think most of us always need more money, which is a human behavioral phenomenon, which in all honesty is not going to happen, we know it, the bookies know it, but those addicted to gambling have disillusioned idea of reality.
Some people turn to gambling because they want to escape certain pains; this could be loosing your loved ones or having to deal with pressure at home or work. At the end of the day like any addiction, it will catch up with you when you least expect it. One should seek professional help in order to counteract addictive habits. Detectives continue to investigate the pending case.