Madibeng Times Political Survey Reveals All

politicalThe Madibeng Times crew had once again undertaken a surve to check whether the community in the Madibeng Local Municipality is ready for the upcoming elections.

This time, it was not an easy survey to conduct as members of the community who were fuming with uncontrolled anger attacked our reporter mistaking him as a representative of the municipality. So this time, we actually took the flack on behalf of our municipality.
It is undoubtedly so that the community in Madibeng is extremely upset because of the ways and means some of the municipal officials are behaving, conducting business and running the municipality. They further accused the municipality of maladministration and questions were made regarding the performance of the municipality. Multiple people in Tom Street, Brits, CBD, were given the opportunity to comment as well as to answer prepared questions regarding the progress made by the municipality. In these regards, the first question made was has the municipality fulfilled their mandate and the second question was do you think it is the ANC’s fault if not? The last question wasdo you think the FFP+ can make a difference in politics regarding the area?
Positively so, only 10% tstated during the survey that the municipality had fulfilled their mandate and therefore they will participate in the elections and vote for the party of their choice. Others again clearly stated that the municipality has not done anything and voting is just a waste of time.