Madibeng Municipality – Damage Control After Raid

police, hawks, crime, madibeng After the Hawks paid a visit to our locally called ‘spaza hop,’ the Madibeng Local Municipality has a lot of damage control on their hands even though the public feels that the investigation has not bared any visible fruits but could be nothing more than a smoke screen or rather an attempt by the last deployed administration to bring the current one into disrepute – ex employees could also be part of this attempt.

With the local elections looming around the corner this year, the municipality has made attempts to ratify the disrepute it has been brought into by previous raids and alleged arrests. It seems that the municipality has not gained much empathy from the public as there has been a lot of harsh responses saying that the municipality should be removed and replaced with more competent and educated staff. In the meantime there has been no report or published findings and business in the organisation has been ongoing.

There has to date not been any findings of the mentioned investigations even though a month later has elapsed. Not even an interim report has seen the light of day. In the meantime there has been nothing more than the usual ongoing business. As the saying goes per omnes autem vos scire.
One of our reporters that was sent out as a fieldworker doing research in group surveys was actually assaulted by the public after being confused as a representative of the Madibeng Local Municipality – so just imagine if the public got their hands on our municipal officials in the street – things could but only turn violent. Residents of the Elandsrand area have actually gone as far as calling our municipality a ‘circus.’ It is a fact that one cannot trust the current administration with tenders. Acountability and responsiblity is aloof. In short, the damage has been done and the trust of the people needs to be regained or the current administration ratified, removed or disciplined. The province should take necessary steps to counteract infighting but encourage political discipline.

Those that have been found guilty of commercial crime, nepotism, maladministration, plain theft and corruption should not only meet jail sentences but be expelled from the ANC for good. Yet, the DA has expelled members with racist tendencies, the ANC has expelled their youth leader who is now their worst enemy the EFF. But for officials that are corrupt and fill their pockets with tax money there is no discipline or liability. An ANC street board once read in Brits “together we can do more,” to which a member of the public commented “no, its should read: together we can STEAL more.”
This is rather alarming since any media daring to say this on their own behalf would be hauled in at the Press Ombudsman, but since we are quoting a direct source – our homework is done – yet it would not be the first time local government tries to fetter our mouths and blind our eyes from the truth. The only way forward is to fight corruption by the relentless might of the public’s vote.