Looming Elections Cause Political Scuffling – To No Avail

With the elections date set down for 8 August, 2016, the ruling party together with the Local Madibeng Municipality has gone into a scramble to prove their worth. Roads are being fixed, infrastructure updated, and projects are being revved up.

Yet it would be of much more importance if this kind of ‘over performance’ ensued during the year and term of office of the current administration instead of heading into frantic overdrive because of the nearing elections. This is the usual course of execution by local government just before elections, and once they take their seats in office a work ethic comparable to a ‘go slow’ or ‘no go’ is encountered.

Other issues that need critical attention is the lack of police services and crime prevention in the Madibeng area. Heinous crimes are the order of the day with numerous and uncountable murders and robbery. Drugs and prostitution is also the order of the day. With most of Madibeng’s youth being unemployed and the existence of drug cartels in the area, a large percentage of the youth are addicted to illicit drugs such as khat, dagga, and crystal meth.

There are estimated to be hundreds of runners. These runners are usually prosecuted together with those in possession of these drugs, yet the actual king pin drug dealers usually go unscathed.

This is a direct consequence of the lack of not only police services but also of competent detectives to follow up and put together a bulletproof case for the prosecution. This lack of intervention by police and the legislation not handing down harsher sentences has lead to criminals having more gust and courage to undertake their misdemeanors in a more open and audacious manner.
The other flip side of the coin is that uninformed masses are mistaking mass public crime and violence for ‘revolution.’ This kind of ‘revolution’ has been the excuse of vandalism and criminal activity posing as political arousal and the perpetrators as ‘freedom fighters’ or rather more specifically Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF).

There have been direct links made with illegal land-grabbing in townships and the inciters and executives of this chaos have been identified as actual EFF members. Although there have been isolated instances of eviction and although there has been individual clamp downs by the police regarding mass vandalism – this has caused violence and brutality towards the police from political members.
Every political party is striving to get through the candidacy process after final voter registration has taken place. And the ruling party is echoing the service delivery mantra, which comes with minimal effort in relation to fulfilling empty promises.

The African National Congress (ANC) and the EFF both seem to be acting in ways that are rather counter revolutionary. With all talk and now walk, or rather actions that are violent on the side of the EFF, both political parties seem to be missing that what the people want is honest and transparent government with unwavering service delivery with a passion for the degraded, impoverished and marginalised.
It is time that politicians keep their performance at peak levels all through the year and for their entire term of office, not just after they have won their seats, to sit back, earch their fat cat salaries and hope the next official will clean up the mess they have left behind.