ANC Infighting: Serero Denies All Allegations Setting Record Straight

anc, council, government,Martin Serero wishes to respond on both articles published in the Madibeng Times previously where he was mentioned. In the spirit of good journalism Serero was called upon for comment on recent published allegations.

Very serious allegations about the death of Steyn Mphafudi were made against him. He is a public representative and this has had the negative implications about how the community views him. With this response Serero wishes to set the record straight. “Steyn had two girlfriends and had two children with the second one and one child with the first.

There has been infighting from as far as 2012. According to to information from the police there was also a protection order between the two. So if I go around having girlfriends and children and get killed by one of my girlfriends, should people go around and say that I was killed for political reasons?” States Serero. He proceeds to give us a brief history of ward 30 from when he started participating.
“Between 1999 and 2005 the branch was led by comrade Simon Matlala as chaiperson and Maimela as secretary. Between 2006 and 2009 the branch was led by David Bebens as chairperson and Mmoni More as secretary. From 2010 until today the branch is led by myself as chairperson and Victor Mathelemusa as secretary. Steyn has never led this ward from the front. To portray someone as a hero outside this leadership collective is uncalled for. Let me clarify the issue of nominations for candidates of councillors. We only have nominees. Comrade Susan Nthangeni was deployed to ward 30 and it was agreed that both nominees be given equal score and the ANC will then decide,” he adds. Serero is disappointed to hear the chief whip of the municipality saying Steyn was the preferred candidate before the ANC had even finally decided. Also, Serero denies that he had found the suspect who killed Steyn a lawyer.
“What we have noticed as a branch is that the leadership mentioned in your newspaper were using comrade Steyn in ward 30 to gain political support. They were doing this in all branches where they believe they had no support,” adds Serero. “Unfortunately their foot soldier was killed by his girlfriend now the want to blame other people.The branch of the ANC is intact and we continue to hold our weekly meetings. I am still a councillor until municipal elections.

I interact with the community daily and they are happy with our leadership collective. The branch is aware of a certain businessmen close to the leadership of the municipality who visit Sunway weekly to give some comrades money to continue fighting with branch leaders,” he alleges. Serero also commented that for this he gets rewarded with more jobs at the municipality and because he possessed exuberant amounts of money he took oversaw the burial of our own comrade and chased them away from the proceedings. While infighting continues, only the final elections will prove substantial candidates and the way going forward.