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Madibeng Municipality – Damage Control After Raid

police, hawks, crime, madibeng After the Hawks paid a visit to our locally called ‘spaza hop,’ the Madibeng Local Municipality has a lot of damage control on their hands even though the public feels that the investigation has not bared any visible fruits but could be nothing more than a smoke screen or rather an attempt by the last deployed administration to bring the current one into disrepute – ex employees could also be part of this attempt.

With the local elections looming around the corner this year, the municipality has made attempts to ratify the disrepute it has been brought into by previous raids and alleged arrests. It seems that the municipality has not gained much empathy from the public as there has been a lot of harsh responses saying that the municipality should be removed and replaced with more competent and educated staff. In the meantime there has been no report or published findings and business in the organisation has been ongoing. Continue reading

Mother’s Gambling Addiction Nearly Costs Child Her Life

problem-gambling A Sonop woman faces felony charges after her three-year-old daughter drank paraffin and went into cardiac arrest. A 30-year-old-woman thus was arrested on 16 April, 2016, and charged with child neglect resulting in injury.

According to the statement made by a neighbour, the three-year-old daughter drank the paraffin which was left in the house contained in a plastic bottle assuming that it was consumable water. The child was found unresponsive with shallow breathing a short while later and was transported to the nearby clinic. Continue reading

R70 Million North-West Drug Bust

drugs The police arrested three foreign nationals in possession of drugs worth R70 million at the North-West border post. The fight against drugs must be intensified because they are destroying the future of our youth.

The vigilance at the port of entry is critical to fight global terrorism and cross-border crime syndicates that undermine the sovereignty of our country as well as the safety of communities and the economy.

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Looming Elections Cause Political Scuffling – To No Avail

With the elections date set down for 8 August, 2016, the ruling party together with the Local Madibeng Municipality has gone into a scramble to prove their worth. Roads are being fixed, infrastructure updated, and projects are being revved up.

Yet it would be of much more importance if this kind of ‘over performance’ ensued during the year and term of office of the current administration instead of heading into frantic overdrive because of the nearing elections. This is the usual course of execution by local government just before elections, and once they take their seats in office a work ethic comparable to a ‘go slow’ or ‘no go’ is encountered.

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Madibeng Times Political Survey Reveals All

politicalThe Madibeng Times crew had once again undertaken a surve to check whether the community in the Madibeng Local Municipality is ready for the upcoming elections.

This time, it was not an easy survey to conduct as members of the community who were fuming with uncontrolled anger attacked our reporter mistaking him as a representative of the municipality. So this time, we actually took the flack on behalf of our municipality.
It is undoubtedly so that the community in Madibeng is extremely upset because of the ways and means some of the municipal officials are behaving, conducting business and running the municipality. They further accused the municipality of maladministration and questions were made regarding the performance of the municipality. Multiple people in Tom Street, Brits, CBD, were given the opportunity to comment as well as to answer prepared questions regarding the progress made by the municipality. In these regards, the first question made was has the municipality fulfilled their mandate and the second question was do you think it is the ANC’s fault if not? The last question wasdo you think the FFP+ can make a difference in politics regarding the area? Continue reading

Officials Play Anticorruption Mantra – Media Is Silent


corruption, government, bad, stop, evilWhile government politicians play the anti-corruption mantra making statements of fighting commercial and white collar crime within our municipal, provincial and national regiments, our media seems to not want to report on what is actually happening.

From floor cleaners that magically become municipal managers, to the mass maladministration and emptying of state coffers – the media has been rather complacid in reporting on these crimes. Nepotism and corruption is ravaging our municipality in local Madibeng.


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ANC Infighting: Serero Denies All Allegations Setting Record Straight

anc, council, government,Martin Serero wishes to respond on both articles published in the Madibeng Times previously where he was mentioned. In the spirit of good journalism Serero was called upon for comment on recent published allegations.

Very serious allegations about the death of Steyn Mphafudi were made against him. He is a public representative and this has had the negative implications about how the community views him. With this response Serero wishes to set the record straight. “Steyn had two girlfriends and had two children with the second one and one child with the first. Continue reading