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Madibeng: The Local Validity of Failed Democracy

MT 06Madibeng needs democracy. The people should rule and not be thwarted, overruled or forced into living conditions that even the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (NSPCA) would not even leave a dog to dwell in. Our government and in specific our local government should hang its head in shame.

I wonder if the true freedom fighters (unlike the ‘so-called’ Economic Freedom Fighters [EFF] that have evolved into freedom and peace disrupters – just like they do in Parliament) like Steve Bikho, Joe Slovo and the likes of Ruth First, Helen Suzman and Louise Goldberg would have given our Madibeng administration a thumbs up – I doubt.

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Fraudulent Tender-Awarding – Practices in Madibeng?

Recent information that came through in the Madibeng Municipality indicates that the municipality has been placed under administration. The report was made aware to the public after too many tenderpreneur businesses in Madibeng were identified.

There are policies and processes that need to be followed when awarding a tender to any company bidding. The fundamental aspects about the whole scenario is that the policies and processes are to be followed by both the corporation and the person awarding the tender. The tender awarding system used by Madibeng officials is purely based on enriching individuals within the council. The Madibeng officials allegedly award tenders to families and friends who in return receive a ‘bribe’. This is the crux of nepotism.

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Vote to Affect Change – Don’t Spoil It

voteMany South African and even local Madibeng and Brits voters have been found to spoil their national and local votes as an attempt of contempt and disdain for current local and national government. This is obviously not the answer to our multiple problems.

If we want to affect any form of change it will have to be at the voting booths. Voting is as important to a democracy as oxygen is to the life source of humankind. Free and fair elections are the crux of successful democracies and governments that are gaining ground through providing services that voters require of them. When you spoil your vote, you automatically give the upper hand and advantage to a majority government that you are not satisfied to begin with – thus the reason for spoiling your vote.

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Voters’ Risk Assessment – Your Vote Worth R832 197?

dasAssess the the risk of voting for the ruling party or the opposition, and yes there is a third option, that is voting for a smaller party to represent your ward as a councillor. In 2015, part-time councillors were already earning between R195 712 and R416 098 a year depending on the size of their wards, and this excluding car allowances. Full-time councillors earn up to R832 197, and members of Parliament (MPs) can earn up to R1,3 million a year.

Nice pay cheque is it not, but is your vote worth it? And recently, councillors are pushing to earn the same salaries as MPs. Yet, where is the impoverished in this calculation? Stuck in wards with complicated matters that just a month’s salary of just one councillor would resolve. This is not sarcasm, but rather a mathematical realistic calculation. Logic is the solver of most problems and assumption the disaster of unfounded statements that arise from mouths of politically induced puppets.

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Oukasie Phase 4 – Illegal Power Connections

An informal settlement in Ivory Park, which has no roads, is pictured 14 May 2009, as Johannesburg Emergency Management Services show members of the media some of the challenges they face when dealing with shack fires. Picture by Michel Bega

What happened to the project of the solar system station which was proposed to be established? According to sources, the proposal was made a few years ago to install a solar system station in Madibeng to accommodate the enormous number of households.

The question remains as to what happen to the proposal, will the budget be further allocated for the project? It is alleged that two leaders in Oukasie have encouraged the community of Phase 4 section to connect their cables illegally for electricity, knowing for a fact that illegal connections of electricity is prohibited. According to witnesses, the two leaders came to the section and encouraged the residents to connect their cables illegally just because they requested the municipality to help with electricity and were not assisted. Continue reading