Hawks Raid Madibeng Municipality


On 31 March, 2016, during the course of the day, the Hawks clamped down on the Madibeng Municipality. The The municipality has been charged with allegations of commercial crime. There are also a further 25 projects that were irregularly awarded. Companies were allegedly paid for the completion of projects that remain unfinished.


The Honourable Mayor of the Madibeng Municipality, namely Ms. Jostina Mothibe admitted that the departments that are targeted by the Hawks are Supply Chain Management, the Office of the CFO and other respective departments involved. She also stated that this is the third time they have been stormed by authorities. Previous incidents were by Cogta and the National Treasury whom in the mayor’s own words “had the same aggressive attitude as the police and immediately demanded documents and proof that take time to allocate.”

“With this incident, there was no attitude of any kind but complete cooperation from both sides. We have nothing to hide, no cabinets or offices were locked and we gave the Hawks complete access to the entire building and all records,” emphasised Mothibe.


The incident with Cogta ensued as follows; the municipal manager was phoned on a Sunday evening ordered to stop all bidding processes and informed that there were irregularities. The very next Monday morning the authorities stormed the building and demanded information. On further investigation the Mayor discovered that the letter of demand was unsigned and therefore the municipality with their staff did not have to cooperate as the aforementioned had no legal standing.


As a result of this the MIC and equitable funding was withheld and accounts could not be paid and projects could not be completed. The municipality had only received the mentioned funding on 22 March, 2016. This has also positively affected the issue of the municipality’s outstanding debt to Eskom for electricity that has now been paid.


The municipal mayor explicitly pointed out that since Monde Juta was deployed these forms of interrogation has happened and except for the Hawks the clamp downs by other parties are seen as a form of misbehaviour on the part of the mayor.

An answer to a question by the media quoted Mothibe saying “I feel targeted, someone related to Monde Juta’s deployment is behind this. This whole issue is about contractors and that is the actual problem. This all started once Juta left. Why would he leave here for there earning the same fat cat salary? We have nothing to hide and whomever is found guilty of whatever, justice should take its toll.”


A member of the media commented that could it be Philemon Mapulane who is behind all of this – to that the mayor said that she will first have to do her homework before commenting any further.


Near the end of the media conference protesters marched in demanding and shouting that the municipality be investigated from 2011 until 2016. The Hawks are only requiring information from August last year until January this year. The media conference ended with a showed protest by community members who stated “investigate Mr. Cash! The Hawks have bought, they buy them.”