Happy Easter With Seasonal Greetings To All

Easter is a time of meditation, mediation, family time and spiritual as well as political observance. Family Day and Human Right’s Day fall within the same time frame. This should be a few days introspection and retrospection.

As a political activist, it is a time to ponder on what you are doing to personally make a positive change and difference in the lives of others – this is our community, beloved Madibeng. As a family it is time to tighten those closer ties with relatives and forgive old prejudices. We are called to peace, cohesion, tolerance – and above all love.

Love for all humanity. It is a season to set aside hatred and disorderly chaos. A season to bring about organised solidarity with humankind of all walks of life, races, religions, political philosophies and cultures, languages and backgrounds.
Easter is the death of what has passed and the rebirth of the new. It means to arise from the grave of dead practice to the ideology of living life to the fullest. We have to keep in mind that we are all citizens, tied together however how different into one aspect – we are South African. We taught the world post 1994 that it is conceivable to set aside differences and forgive wrongdoings of the pas, to take hands and go forward and work together for the better of society. Let us be entrenched in this spirit of Easter and we grant each reader a time of rest, reassurance and goodwill.