Brits Hospital Jobs Scam Alert

It has come to the management’s attention that there is an unscrupulous person who goes by the name of Mr Baloyi who poses as a recruiter and offers drivers posts opportunities that are allegedly available at Brits Hospital.

We urge all the job seekers across Madibeng and beyond to report to the police if they encounter any person who claims to be a recruiter for posts at Brits Hospital.

It is alleged that this Mr Baloyi will ask for money upfront to secure a job seeker a driver’s position at Brits Hospital. Guided by South Africa’s law, it is illegal to ask job seekers to submit payment in order to make a job application. Hence, Brits Hospital Management urges people to report to the police once they encounter such dishonest activity, which abuses the Brits Hospital’s corporate identity and image.

The public must know that Brits Hospital, guided by the Office of the Premier’s moratorium in the filling of posts within the North-West’s Departments respectively, has no vacancies currently.
Once the moratorium is lifted, and the vacant posts are approved by the MEC of Health, Brits Hospital will then advertise for vacancies and nobody is expected to pay upfront but to follow the government’s recruitments practices of filling in the Z83 form and attaching the relevant documents. Please be warned and stay alert concerning this form of fraudulent practice.