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Hawks Raid Madibeng Municipality


On 31 March, 2016, during the course of the day, the Hawks clamped down on the Madibeng Municipality. The The municipality has been charged with allegations of commercial crime. There are also a further 25 projects that were irregularly awarded. Companies were allegedly paid for the completion of projects that remain unfinished.


The Honourable Mayor of the Madibeng Municipality, namely Ms. Jostina Mothibe admitted that the departments that are targeted by the Hawks are Supply Chain Management, the Office of the CFO and other respective departments involved. She also stated that this is the third time they have been stormed by authorities. Previous incidents were by Cogta and the National Treasury whom in the mayor’s own words “had the same aggressive attitude as the police and immediately demanded documents and proof that take time to allocate.”

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Madibeng Human Rights’ Day with a Twist…

MT 03Human Rights’ Day reminds us of the suffering and loss of life that accompanied the most recent struggle for human rights in South Africa, but it also highlights the slavery of the Colonial era. It is why we must also ensure that modern forms of slavery such as human trafficking and forced labour are addressed and eradicated. While on the topic of labour relations, this includes labourers being forced to work overtime unpaid or over weekends without prior written or contractual agreement as per the Labour Relations Act (LRA).

This happens a lot in the Madibeng area and in specific Brits where a culture of ‘worker and baas’ still exists. Labour relations is still a very important aspect and in our country the crux of civil and human rights, alongside your democratic right to vote.

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10 Female Hitchhikers from – Brits to Letlhabile Raped

STOP-RAPE-NOW-280_1449290a  For the past three months, Brits District Hospital’s crisis centre recorded a shocking increase of sexual assaults on female hitchhikers at night departing from their workplaces to their homes. According to Sister Suzan Ndlovu, the hospital’s forensic nurse, more than ten (10) rape survivors have been witnessed at the hospital.

“Central to these cases, is that all of these rape survivors are working for restaurants and retail outlets and they have to knock off late, and unfortunately public transport to ferry them home at that time is not available,” Sister Ndlovu explained. She went on to say, “Having realised this lack of public transport, perpetrators seemed to be targeting these vulnerable women at the hiking spots like petrol stations and garages. We are concerned as a hospital about these repeated rapes that violate the rights of women.”

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Happy Easter With Seasonal Greetings To All

Easter is a time of meditation, mediation, family time and spiritual as well as political observance. Family Day and Human Right’s Day fall within the same time frame. This should be a few days introspection and retrospection.

As a political activist, it is a time to ponder on what you are doing to personally make a positive change and difference in the lives of others – this is our community, beloved Madibeng. As a family it is time to tighten those closer ties with relatives and forgive old prejudices. We are called to peace, cohesion, tolerance – and above all love. Continue reading

SANCO Accuses WAGPOS and Parents of Racism

MT 05Parents allegedly express that Wagpos High School in Brits is promoting racism against students. Apparently, the school is allegedly accused of refusing to admit black students who are coming from black community schools.

Eyewitnesses revealed that parents had expressed their frustrations after visiting the school to register their children and where turned away because of the language policy. The South African Civil Organisation (SANCO) intervened in the matter and requested to have a meeting with the school to find out why the school is practicing racism. SANCO’s Pasture Maremo urged that the school should change their system and policies simply because they are literally benefiting from the government. “Every year, the school is hosting matric students and receives money from the government. They are doing business with the government but fail to accommodate black students because of their language police,” he said.

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